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Richard Dufour

Richard Dufour

While Dollarama will present its performance at the start of the fiscal year on Wednesday, Stifel/GMP launched official coverage of the retailer’s activities in Montreal over the past week.

Becomes analyst Martin Landry 15e Analyst to follow dollarama and 11e In this group to recommend the purchase.

Noting in particular the company’s “impressive” trajectory over the years, he identified Dollarama as an attractive business model that allows it to generate stable gross margins despite inflationary pressures.

To this end, it is believed that businesses can benefit from higher rates of inflation which induce people to modify their consumption habits. Martin Landry also says he appreciates the growing openness to Latin America thanks to his 50.1% stake in Dollarcity.

This expert estimates Dollarcity is worth $5 billion today and that this retailer could eventually become a bigger company than Dollarama if it continues to expand its activities in Latin American countries.

“The dollar should be an essential part of most Canadian investment portfolios given the low equity risks and growth prospects for the company,” he said.

New board member Canadian nationality (CN) bought its first stock in the Montreal Railroad this week. Manager-elect this spring, David Freeman bought a block of 1,000 shares on Tuesday. This deal is valued at approximately $150,000.

After assessing the impact of a recession or economic slowdown on securities in the transportation sector, the CIBC on Thursday withdrew its purchase proposal in electric lion While he changed his mind on CN to now suggest buying the company’s stock. Rail companies offer attractive “defensive traits” if the economy sinks into a recession while offering upside potential if the overall background remains favorable, according to analyst Kevin Chiang.

In Lion’s case, he sees better investment opportunities elsewhere and believes that higher rates are limiting appreciation for growth stocks such as electric car maker Saint-Jérôme.

coffee I gained a new follower this week. TD on Tuesday launched an official follow-up to the activities of a Quebec company specializing in artificial intelligence applied to online commerce. Analyst David Cowan finds the valuation attractive and recommends buying the stock. Its target for 12 months is set at $9.50. Coveo debuted on the stock market in November with an initial price of $15. After rising to $18, the stock fell to $4 in May and is now worth $6. Six out of nine analysts now recommend a buy.

presidentmono identification He just bought nearly $150,000 in additional stock in Boucherville Auto Parts. Brian McManus bought 5,000 shares on May 27.

. senior management CAE He will be in New York earlier this week to meet with investors and analysts for a two-day event. The Montreal-based flight simulator manufacturer will tour its business aviation training center in New Jersey on Monday, followed by a series of presentations and interactive demonstrations of its products and services on Tuesday. The event will be broadcast live.

president 5N more And two board members just bought nearly $900,000 of stock in a Montreal technology supplier. Director Jean-Marie Borrassa bought 175,000 shares on Monday, CEO Gervais Jacques bought a batch of 150,000 shares on May 27, and Chairman Luc Bertrand bought 250,000 shares on May 26.

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