Canadian Grand Prix | Pig is a divisive topic

On the one hand, the safety of pilots. On the other hand, performance. The porpoise change and the rule change announced by the FIA ​​on Thursday split the teams in Formula 1. And let’s just say Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen do not share the same opinion.

Posted on June 17

Catherine Harvey Benard

Catherine Harvey Benard

This is the hot topic in the racing world. And it was again during the drivers’ conference on Friday morning at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

When Hamilton said he tried an old racing video game when he arrived in Montreal, Verstappen asked him, “Have there been porpoises? He asked her.”

“No, no pigs,” replied the Mercedes driver with a smile.

In a sign of the health and safety of drivers, the International Automobile Federation (FIA) confirmed on Thursday that it would intervene to limit the aerodynamic phenomenon that causes violent vibrations and jolts in single-seater Formula 1 cars.

Last Sunday in Baku, Hamilton had a hard time extricating himself from his car after the race due to severe back pain. The Briton, who does not know what season to expect, is defending the importance of piloting safety ahead of performance which he believes will not be affected “as much” by potential changes.

I think in every team someone complained about porpoise. We have to solve this problem for us, but also for future cyclists. I don’t think the values ​​will change much anyway.

Lewis Hamilton

“There is a lot more bruising after the races than last year. It takes longer to recover.”

Besides him, Max Verstappen had a completely different opinion. It must be said that Red Bull is one of the teams that has managed this phenomenon better since the start of the season.

“I think there are a lot of teams that have done a great job controlling it. So it is possible to treat it.”

“I think it’s a bit disappointing to have a mid-season rule change again,” he continued.

Photo by Olivier Jean, press

Max Verstappen

Not that it affects us more or less than other teams, but there shouldn’t be someone complaining so much that the rules suddenly change. If you can’t design a successful car, it’s your fault, not the rules.

Max Verstappen

The defending champion, who won five of the season’s opening eight races, argued that there are “many sports that are harmful to your body,” citing football as an example.

“We have a lot of smart people here who can figure out how to get rid of porpoises,” he added. Maybe not this year, but definitely next year. »

Opinions differ

Questions about porpoise hunting were numerous throughout the press conference, which spanned more than two hours, during which time the four groups of five pilots took turns on the microphone.

“I think it’s my team’s responsibility to give me a car that drives well and so far I haven’t had any particular problems with that,” said Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc, who is third in the drivers’ standings.

Photo by Olivier Jean, press

Monegasque Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc (right)

Yes, it is stronger than last year. Personally, I don’t think it is impossible to ride or very hard on my body. For our part, we’ve found solutions to make it less annoying.

Charles Leclerc

For his part, Esteban Ocon, of Albin, confirmed that the problem affected him to a lesser degree than the others. But the really positive thing is that the FIA ​​is taking action to take care of us. »

“It is important that safety comes before performance,” said Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel.

At the end of the day, as Torontonian Nicholas Latifi said, ” [l’intervention de la FIA] It will make some people happy, and some not.”

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