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Canadians on Tuesday morning announced the appointment of Mary Philip Boleyn as their hockey development consultant.

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Catherine Harvey Benard

Catherine Harvey Benard

Pauline will take this position part-time and continue her hockey career at the same time.

In a press release, Habs explained that they will be invited to work on the ice and conduct video sessions with players in order to “sharpen their individual and team skills.” You will work alongside Director of Player Development Rob Ramage and Director of Hockey Development Adam Nicholas.

“It is such an honor to have such a qualified person in our ranks as Mary Philip Boleyn. She is the best in her field and her accomplishments help build a winning culture with Canadians,” said CH Center owner and president, Jeff Molson.

“His arrival is another step towards the diversity that we want to instill within the organization,” he adds.

Pauline dominated everywhere I went. She played privately for the Boston Terriers on the college circuit from 2010 to 2015. The 31-year-old then wore the colors of Les Canadiennes de Montréal, in the Canadian Women’s Hockey League (CWHL), from 2015 to 2019, winning the title. Clarkson Cup twice and was named Player of the Year three times.

The Bushville native also won four Olympic medals, including three golds. She is also the first hockey player of all races to score a goal in four Olympic finals.

IN PICTURES: Mary Philip Boleyn at the Beijing Olympics

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  • Martin Chamberland Press Photo

  • Martin Chamberland Press Photo

  • Martin Chamberland Press Photo

  • Photo by Martin Chamberland, La Presse

  • Martin Chamberland Press Photo

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“Mary Philippe is one of the best players on the planet and she has won at the highest level, which will be very beneficial to our players. His knowledge, leadership and vision for hockey make Canadians a better organisation,” said General Manager Kent Hughes.

“One foot in training »

Last February, on her return from the Beijing Games, the Canada captain turned down an offer to play for the Trois-Rivieres lions, Canada’s ECHL club. She also received a call from Hughes and Jeff Gorton, who wanted to know her desire to join the organization.

“That would be entertaining!”, in an interview with Journalismsaying that she didn’t hate the idea of ​​”putting a foot in training However, she quickly indicated that her priority was her career on the ice. She added, “If they wanted to engage me quietly, year after year, it could be so much fun.” It was done.

Note that Pauline is already participating in the next Olympics, which will culminate in February 2026 in Milan and Cortina d’Ampezzo.

She is not the first player to be appointed by the National League organisation. This is the case, for example, of Americans Kendall Quinn Schofield and Amanda Kessel, who were hired respectively by the Chicago Blackhawks and the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Marie-Philippe Pauline will meet the media late Tuesday afternoon at the Bell Sports Complex in Broussard.

Some facts about Mary Philip Pauline

  • Born March 28, 1991 in Bushville.
  • Captain of the national team.
  • Studied psychology at Boston University.
  • three Olympic gold medals, one silver;
  • Two gold medals in the world and six silver.

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