The origin of the stellar winds of Betelgeuse has been revealed through the first 3D images

Apart from the lighter elements (H, He, and Li), atoms are formed inside stars, throughout their life, by nuclear reactions. But they need to escape. Among the most effective escape mechanisms are Wind (Wind is the movement of the atmosphere, the mass of gas on the surface…) excellent (Stellaria is a genus of annual or perennial herbaceous plants, perch, from …) And, in particular, the red giants. At the end of life (Life is the given name 🙂these stars blow out an intense, almost continuous streamatoms (atom (from Greek ατομος, atom, “one cannot…) of all kinds. But what is the origin of these stellar winds?

3D images of the photosphere of Betelgeuse (Betelgeuse refers to:) On December 20, 2013.

At the top of Pic du Midi, there is telescope (Telescope, (from the Greek tele meaning “far” and meaning skopein…) Bernard Lyot (TBL) studies Betelgeuse, and red giant (The red giant planets are relatively massive stars and are in the process of being completed…) closest to a land (Earth is the third planet in the solar system in order of distance…). Recently, a new technology fromphotographer (Images are basically the making and circulation of physical images that…) Indirect, which is based onuse (Use is the act of making use of something.) subordinate polarization (polarization of electromagnetic waves; polarization due to moments…) subordinate light (Light is the set of electromagnetic waves visible to the eye…) chest, was advanced (In geometry, the evolution of a plane curve is the position of its centers…). So, at first time (Time is a concept developed by humans to understand…)Only 2D images were obtained, the technology has been improved and today it produces 3D images. And so we see plasma (In physics, plasma describes the state of matter made up of charged particles…) hot insidestar (A star is an independently emitting celestial body, similar to…) go up to space (Surface generally refers to the surface layer of an object. The term A…) where it cools. Heavier because more the cold (Cold is the opposite sensation of heat associated with low temperatures.)it should then recede toward the interior of the star where it will be heated up again in the convective cycle.

But what we see in 3D images of Betelgeuse is a little different. Plasma does not always decrease but continues to rise Speed (distinguish 🙂 almost constant. a Energy (The word force can refer to a mechanical force on things, and also, figuratively, a…) still unknown grow (Pousse is the name given to an illegal car race in Reunion.) This plasma and allow it to escape from the star. This force is the cause of the strong stellar winds from Betelgeuse. It’s the reason for the existence of this stellar dust that, a day (The day or day is the interval between sunrise and sunset, which is…)Planets will form and possibly life Around (Autour is the name you give the naming of birds in French (updated)…) from another star.

This work is the result of six years of polar measurements of Betelgeuse with instruments Narwhal (The spotted (Monodon monoceros), nicknamed the unicorn of the sea, is a whale. …) and the Neo-Narval built by the OMP and installed on the Bernard Lyot telescope at Pic du Midi. The comments (Observation is the act of vigilantly following phenomena, without the will to see them…) and analytics data (In information technology (IT), data is an initial description, often…) Implemented by a team of researchers from OMP – IRAP andUniversity of Montpellier (The University of Montpellier was an educational institution…).

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Three-dimensional imaging of convective cells in the photosphere of Betelgeuse? Astronomy and astrophysics.
A. López Ariste, S. Georgiev, Ph. Mathias, A. Lèbre, M. Wavasseur, E. Josselin, R. Konstantinova-Antova and Th. Routier.

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