Andrew Brunet, who just lost his job, can make a comeback in Chicago

The Florida Panthers surprised the hockey world this morning by not renewing Andrew Brunet’s contract. The coach, who took over from Joel Quinville, led his team to a regular season best record (which earned him a Jack Adams nomination), but…

But in the playoffs, he didn’t last long. Clearly, the Panthers wanted a man as experienced (in Paul Morris) as Joel Quinville and their hands weren’t as tied as Marc Bergevin with Dominique Ducharme last year. Bergevin was already working at three coaches in Montreal…

Is this a sign of panic at sunrise?

According to some people, yes. It’s Kent Hughes hoping that’s true as the Panthers sent their No. 1 pick of 2023 to Montreal against Ben Chiarot.

But good. In fact, Brunet’s departure to the market brings another club coach (Chicago, Boston and Detroit, three clubs among the oldest in the league) who are looking for a pilot.

And Elliot Friedman thinks Chicago might be interested in applying for a job as a master pilot.

Reminder: the more candidates there are, the more likely Luke Richardson, who saw the Hawks family in an interview, will stay in Montreal as an assistant to Martin St. Louis.

Remember, however, that while the Derek King name continues to spread in Illinois, the fact that Calgary assistant Ryan Huska could get the job should not be underestimated.

It can also be a deputy somewhere else. About it, the pilots will probably be interested, they are the ones who just got their hands on John Tortorella to direct their club.

Note that he will likely stay in Florida in another role, but the guy definitely has his pride.

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– Fight to follow in the Anniversary Cup.

A mistake in the person.

– Signed in Trois-Rivieres.

The GM of the Stars is here to stay.

– What a complicated case.

– I am hungry.

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