Thunderbirds goalkeeper Joel Hoover may be suspended tonight against Laval

Yesterday afternoon, we learned that Laval Rocket was going to drop Joshua Roy for Game #4 of the series, not because of his performance, but because Rocket wanted to get bigger at last night’s game at Bell Square.

And I can tell you, since I was there, it was brewing en masse. That wasn’t the case in the second period, but during the other 45 minutes of play the phrase “he completed his tests” took on its full meaning.

If the first was dominated by Thunderbirds, then the other periods (including overtime) were the prerogative of the locals. The visitors seem to be in all their states, those who are not accustomed to losing.

The goal allowed 0.1 seconds to go into the first half… the goal in overtime made it 3-2 in the match… a skirmish… he put the birds in all their states and when Rafael Harvey Benard celebrated his goal in overtime, he performed it free for everyone including That’s all players from both teams at the same time.

Rival goalkeeper Joel Hofer was in the heat of the fight when he knocked out Alex Pelzel after the match. He also earned himself misconduct in the game, Like many men.

Why did this happen? Is it partly because Belzel was drooling?

When RHP scored, he was (mistakenly) partying outside the door to the Thunderbirds locker room. The opponents, who did not want to stay in the atmosphere of Place Bell, could not leave and were excited to do so.

And when emotions were on the edge, they deteriorated. Same for the fans, who threw a lot of beer on the ice.

There, the AHL will have to find out whether or not Hofer is suspended. But since the next game will be played tonight, a decision must be made quickly enough not to play tonight if it has to be stopped. Auto-suspension is not applied.

It’s going to sound crazy and remind us of Ben Holmstrom’s shot against Matthias Norländer, who was penalized late earlier in the qualifiers.

If Hoover, the young goalkeeper with whom the stats have blazed since the start of playoffs, is suspended, it is Charlie Lindgren who will automatically play against his former team. He had a great season, but didn’t do well against his old team earlier in the series.

In his three playoff games, Lindgren averaged 3.71 and was helping the Blues in the NHL playoffs. Hoover is more dominant.

(credit: DB hockey)

If the two men are available, there is no song: Birds want to play Hoover. he is in game format And he’s been really dominating since the start of qualifying.

But he is still young and will have to learn to control his emotions. Gestures like yesterday, can’t happen because they do absolutely nothing for the game and the series. But for Rocket, it can really help in light of tonight, the last game in the series that will take place in Quebec. Game 6 and (if necessary) Game 7 will take place in Springfield.

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