Quilicot relocates its head office to the former Mascouche Airport

Bicycles retailer Quilicot is moving its head office to CentrOparc in Montone, in Mascot. Take the opportunity to expand the industrial area along Highway 640.

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Andre Dubuque

Andre Dubuque

The cornerstone is laid on Tuesday morning. The building is located on Avenue Louis-Blériot, across from the motorway.

In addition to the main office, the 4,200 square meter complex, designed by DKA Architectes, will include a convenience store, distribution center, assembly workshop and bicycle recycling center. The current headquarters and warehouse are located in Sainte-Thérèse, in the Lower Laurentians. About fifty jobs will be created. The investment of $15 million is partially funded by the Business Development Bank of Canada.

Photo submitted by Montone

The future headquarters of Bicycles Quilicot

“For us, it’s an investment that will create a turning point in our history, because we’ve grown so much in recent years and invested so much in retail. We don’t have the infrastructure. We’re in the process of creating a hub for all of our commerce operations,” says CEO Marc-Andre Lebeau, 44. The bikes of the future. »

Founded in 1915, Quilicot has been owned by Marc-Andre Lebow since 2005. From one store upon Mr. Lebow’s arrival, the retailer now has seven, and with 150 employees, Quilicot sells 8,000 to 10,000 bikes a year. 15-20% of sales will be made online in 2022. Mr. Lipow wants to remain conservative about his sales volume, but notes that electric bikes today account for 35% of dollar sales.

The retailer opened a new Laval store with an area of ​​93m2 at a cost of 2 million2 (1000 feet2) last week in part of the former Future Shop in Center Laval.

We serve customers of all ages and levels, not just road bike enthusiasts. We also serve children and the elderly with electric bicycles. We touch everything.

Marc-Andre Lebeau, CEO of Quilicot

The cheapest bikes start at $500 each.

Athletes have rediscovered cycling during the pandemic. Bicycle prices have skyrocketed. The trader’s profit margin increased from about 2% to about 10%.

CentrOparc . is expanded

Promoter Montoni and the City of Mascouche have announced the start of the third and final phase conversion of the former airport’s land into an industrial park. In total, CentrOparc covers an area of ​​270,000 square meters2 (about 3 million square feet), of which 121,000 square meters2 (1.3 million square feet) for the third phase.

Industrial area on the territory of the former airport

  • An overview of the multi-tenant industrial buildings in the third phase

    Photo submitted by Montone

    An overview of the multi-tenant industrial buildings in the third phase

  • In the foreground, the future location of Bicycles Quilicot.  In the background, Phase 3 is coming.

    Photo submitted by Montone

    In the foreground, the future location of Bicycles Quilicot. In the background, Phase 3 is coming.

  • Former Makosh Airport Industrial Park

    Photo submitted by Montone

    Former Makosh Airport Industrial Park

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Montoni will build up to 5 industrial buildings in a row at a cost of 175 million. You will go ahead without a prior lease agreement. He gives himself a maximum period of 36 months to fill the industrial zone. The buildings are signed by NEUF Architectes.


Dario Montoni

In terms of uses, we will see industrial and main offices, showrooms and production.

Dario Montoni, President of the Montoni Group

“The idea is to create investments and jobs for Mascoush so that its citizens can live and work in their city instead of taking their cars to earn a living elsewhere in the area,” continues Mr. Montoni.

In addition to Quilicot, CentrOparc’s first two phases attracted major tenants such as St-Hubert. Nearly 650 jobs have been created.

Montoni acquired the airport land in 2018. In total, the developer invested 300 million there.

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