Hyperthyroidism: Symptoms, Causes, and Natural Remedies

The thyroid gland is a gland located in the front of the neck, down the larynx, and near the windpipe. Shaped like a butterfly, it is part of the endocrine system that produces Hormones that control many functions of the body. “These are thyroxine or T4 (the inactive form) and triiodothyronine or T3 (the active form), synthesized from iodine from our dietDr. Laurie Martinat, anaesthesiologist, resuscitation and naturopathic specialist explains.

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The thyroid gland is a very important gland because thyroid hormones play a role on the global scale of our organism. “will interfere Multiple functions : development of the central nervous system, bone metabolism, energy metabolism, heart function, growth and development, fertility …We speak of hyperthyroidism when the levels of T3/T4 in the blood are abnormally high in the long term. This excessive production of thyroid hormones generally increases metabolism and thus results in a variety of symptoms.

What is hyperthyroidism?

L ‘hyperthyroidism It is a very common disease associated with hyperactivity Thyroid. Thyroid hormone is produced in Its excess amount leads to an increase in the basic metabolism and vital functions of the organism. Reminiscent of Laure Martinant, The causes of hyperthyroidism are variable Autoimmune hyperthyroidism for example Such as Graves’ disease or postpartum thyroiditis, which mainly affects young women. There is, too Increased secretion of thyroid nodules that preferentially affect the elderly, especially women.” There is, too Drug causes With excessive intake of iodine, amiodarone (an antiarrhythmic drug) and interferon (an immunomodulatory drug).

Again, symptoms are very variable and depend on the severity of the hyperthyroidism:

  • Cardiovascular symptoms Tachycardia with palpitations, sometimes associated with an increase in blood pressure.
  • Weight loss, Although the patient describes an increase in appetite.
  • thermophobia : the patient is still very hot;
  • Neurological and psychiatric disorders : Anxiety, fatigue, nervousness, agitation and sleep disturbances.
  • sometimes hand tremor or loss of muscle mass;
  • In rare cases of hyperthyroidism, Serious heart complications May show and / or reveal disease: heart rhythm disturbances such as atrial fibrillation, heart failure.

The doctor will order a first blood test with a dose of TSH, gland regulator Thyroid Helping to ensure the correct balance of hormones is done through a blood test. This first examination will be completed to discover the causes of hyperthyroidism: Searching for specific antibodies (to detect possible Graves’ disease), Ultrasound of the neck To visualize the thyroid gland (look for nodules) or a fluorescence… a doctor can also prescribe Additional tests to assess the effect of hyperthyroidism : Cardiovascular examination, ophthalmic examination, kidney examination, etc.

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Can hyperthyroidism be prevented?

Hyperthyroidism cannot be prevented as such, Some factors can disrupt the functioning of the thyroid gland : “In general, it should be remembered that the thyroid gland is a system with a fine, tight regulation, sensitive to disturbances. We try to avoid exposure to the whole family from endocrine disruptors in food or cosmetics., the specialist advises. Likewise, the thyroid gland is a stress-sensitive gland. “It is necessary to fight against everyday stressors that would disrupt its proper functioning.“.

Certain nutrients can also play a major role in preventing hyperthyroidism:

  • Low iodine products that help reduce thyroid hormones (egg whites, fresh fruits, oats, honey);
  • cruciferous vegetables that prevent the thyroid gland from using all the iodine in the body (cabbage, broccoli, bamboo, watercress);
  • Iron-rich foods Because low iron levels are associated with hyperthyroidism (red meat, dried beans, nuts);
  • The selenium “Involved in the synthesis and activation of thyroid hormones, it protects the thyroid gland from oxidative stress, not to mention its essential role in the good health of the immune system.” seafood, fish, meat, eggs or lentils are rich in them;
  • TheFoods Rich in Vitamin D and Calcium Which protects the bones often weakened by hyperthyroidism (salmon, almonds, peaches, white beans, dairy products, in reasonable doses).

What are the natural treatments for hyperthyroidism?

There are natural remedies that can help with thyroid disease, but they are It is imperative to follow the advice of a health professional because the balance of thyroid function is very fragile“. Close monitoring of thyroid function is indeed essential and this does not replace medical care.

Plants are allies to help treat hyperthyroidism. in aromatherapyhe is “I’myrrh oil It is an excellent organizer‘, which makes it possible to slow down the activity of the thyroid gland. herbal medicineThe lemon balm It can be used as an injection because it will increase the effect of these hormones lycope (Allowing you to reduce file size Thyroidregulating heart rate and blood pressure and reducing fever) and Gromy (naturally slows down thyroid hormone synthesis) in the mother’s pigment for example.

In the case of hyperthyroidism, it is interesting to turn to plants that contain more symptomatic Thus, it helps in treating the symptoms associated with hyperthyroidism. We can mention for example:

  • I’Marjoram essential oil It is known to be calming and restoring the nervous system, anxiolytic and cardiovascular.
  • I’hawthorn Helps regulate heart rate.
  • in Gemstone therapyThe bud soak linden Calming and calming.

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Thanks to Dr. Laurie Martinat, anesthesiologist, resuscitation, physiotherapist, botanical aromatherapist and author of the book Immunity, Infectious Diseases and Convalescence: Strengthen Your Health Naturally Quintessence Editions

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