Kent Hughes, retirement and the ups and downs of the NHL Tests

There’s also that at 17 or 18, your parents generally make you blush. It’s about avoiding them and, above all, not being seen with them in public surrounded by your friends.

Which brings us to the interview that Jack Hughes, son of Kent, the Montreal Canadiens general manager, spent at the NHL Prospects Assessment Camp in Buffalo last week with his father’s team. Imagine the worry though…

The father wanted to be absent first. As the son was waiting at the door, GM was about to leave the room when Martin Lapointe, co-director of amateur recruiting, grabbed him.

It was definitely more stressful with my dad in the room. Before the interview, I was sitting outside and trying to leave, but Martin Lapointe told him: “No, you stay!”. They asked me if I wanted him to stay and I said no. Then they told me it was not up to me. But he didn’t ask any questionsJack Hughes explained Saturday afternoon after undergoing physical exams.

Kent Hughes, General Manager for Canadians

Photo: Radio Canada/Ivano Demers

So Kent Hughes sat down and spent part of the meeting teasing his colleagues. Jack was primarily questioned about his understanding of the game and not about his past, we can understand that. Suppose the young man did not come out of his meeting with CH with the same impression as the majority of his friends who identified Montreal as the toughest interview of the week.

Dictating Bernard Pivot on the list? trigonometry? Impossible to know. However, hope brought us a question from CH – by promise not to repeat it – particularly intense and completely out of context. We emphasize the somewhat questionable nature of this particular question. It gave an idea of ​​the style.

But back to Jack Hughes for a moment. The surprise was twofold for this young center from the Northeast, alma mater Written by Jordan Harris, Cayden Primo, and Austin Goldstein. First to see his father meet him, and second to know the DG of the CH even if surprising, he had time to absorb it.

Last fall, he not only thought his father would change his career, but saw other plans for him.

It was so amazing. I was expecting him to prepare for his retirement […] He didn’t really talk about it, but I know he was excited about working on golf. »

Quote from Jack Hughes on his father Kent

However, he has always been very knowledgeable about hockey. My family and I knew he would do a great job when he got the job. He spent his career as an agent setting expectations for player developmenthe added.

On the ice, Jack Hughes’ season hasn’t been sailing smoothly. After a good start to his freshman year at college, the 18-year-old American lost his feathers in the second half even as the Boy Scouts dropped him from seventh among North American prospects to 26. As Kent Hughes has already expressed, CH may hold his 26th and 33rd enlistment picks and 61, it seems unlikely that a family reunion will take place.

All I want is to play in the NHL, no matter where. If he was in Montreal one day, I wouldn’t be disappointed, but I don’t think it’s something my dad would want. I don’t think he wants to pressure me. He even told me that he wanted to avoid this situation as much as possible. If the crew feels that at some point in the draft, I’m the best player available, they’ll have to pick me up. But I would be very surprised to be chosen by the CanadianJack explained.

Ultimately, that decision will be up to Nick Bobrov, who we hear is leading the job behind the scenes, and Martin Lapointe, co-directors of amateur recruiting.

Romance at QMJHL

The gentle giant Maveric Lamoureux measuring 2.01 meters (6 feet 7 inches) has a great sense of humor. With a perpetual smile on his face, the Drummondville Voltguards defender seemed to be enjoying his experience in picturesque Buffalo.

The one who will definitely be nicknamed soon Better Talk about the candid camaraderie among Quebecers at assessment camp. Lamoureux shared a room with Tristan Luneau, of the Olympics, and spent all his time with him and Noah Warren, another Gatineau player.

The three defenders were rated 20 to 33 by the Central Scouts.

We have competition but it’s a great competition. Tristan and I are with the same agency and we’re close. They want to go out before me and I would like to go out before them. »

Quote from Maverick Lamoro

funny things

Some information is quickly crushed:

We start with our favorite. Lynne Hutson wandered with a bit of curiosity during his interviews with the various bands in Buffalo. The 1.74 m (5 ft 8.5 in) USNDP defender was showing X-ray pictures of his hands to assure organizations that he was still growing. Unusual use of a bone age score that is generally used to determine why a child is growing slowly. But good.

Hutson is described as one of the most intelligent players of the Archaic era who owned the puck. It is listed at number 25 in North America. However, the story doesn’t mention that if he’s also rambling around with a barrel of the colonel to convince he’s still gaining weight, he’s the one swinging the scales at 67 kg (148 lb).

Giant Owen Pickering, 1.93 m (6 ft 4 in), was 1.70 m (5 ft 7 in) tall in his last year in the Bantam when he was 15 years old. Three years later, her amazing growth spurt especially encouraged us to think a little bit about her parents who had to adjust their wardrobe so many times.

The 15th possibility in North America according to the Central Scouts was promoted by many during the week in Buffalo. First by a recruit who admired his great maturity: Speaks like a 34-year-old شاب. Then by Connor Gekke, the Western League (WHL) contender who praised the quality of his shots and defensive play.

Adam Ingram, the 27th prospective player in North America, hails from a family of athletes. His father, Derek by his first name, is a golf coach who trained a few PGA professionals under his wing at the time. This will be all about the question.

Owen Pickering’s Swift Current teammate Josh Filmon will soon have to pick: The Winnipeg left winger still plays elite baseball. We wish him good luck.

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