Canadian Hopes Mary Phillip Boleyn Works

This morning, the Canadian announced that Mary Philip Boleyn, the goat Women’s Hockey, Join Canadiens as Player Development Consultant. This is the news that was received positively.

This afternoon she appeared in front of the media to chat with Jeff Molson. So she made it clear that she would mainly work with the club’s seekers. She wants to teach them, but she also wants to learn from them.

Time management will be important because she is still a hockey player first. It also wants to participate in the next Olympics by 2026.

In parallel, you will learn the basics training with CH.

The person who declined a contract to play for the Trois-Rivières Lions earlier this year did not necessarily consult other women with a similar role in the NHL. why?

Because she knows where to go and she loves the chemistry that is in Montreal. Matin St. Louis style pleases him.

But also, it should be noted that it was Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes who paid to hire him. So she had to feel confident to come to Montreal on winning conditions.

and Jeff Molson, She sees her desire for diversity incarnation.

The Canadian owner, who was in attendance, loves the fact that she is a winner and that she will be able to help young people to have such a mentality. Seeing that MPP, who loved watching Saku Koivu when she was young, can help them is good for CH.

The addition of such female talent is a victory in the director’s eyes.

Marie Philippe wants to prove that women have the skills to function in a patriarchal world. I can’t wait to see how that affects player performance.

Hats off to CH, then.

Many of

– A female league could soon be born, the main interested party believes.

Talk about the main interested party.

Raffle tickets will go on sale soon.

Another experienced manager falls in a fight.

Not an easy situation for the young man.

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