Sony 75 inch 4K TV with HDMI 2.1 at an unbeatable price

It’s now possible to find 75″ TVs without messing with your budget. For example, you can bet the Sony KD75X89J 4K TV, which also offers many desirable features today. Currently, it is available at a price of 1199 euros instead of 1399 euros at Fnac.

Sony KD75X89J TV // Source: Sony.

Today, 75-inch TVs are not as accessible as they once were. If OLED or QLED models often display very high prices, other models that discard these expensive technologies in favor of simple LED backlighting are more affordable and don’t really lack interest, especially when they also include 4K UHD definition with all the features Latest video standards. This for example is the case of the Sony KD75X89J, which is currently available at a price of less than 1200 euros.

What to remember about the Sony KD75X89J TV

  • Large 75 inch (190 cm) 4K TV
  • Compatible with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos
  • HDMI 2.1 ports for 4K @ 120fps

Instead of a choppy price of €1399, the Sony KD75X89J 4K TV is now sold for €1199 on Fnac and that’s an excellent price for a TV of this size.

Diameter 190 cm so you don’t miss any details

The first thing is its size. Thus, the Sony KD75X89J TV has a diagonal of 75 inches, or 190 cm, allowing you to enjoy an experience close to that of video projectors. The image will obviously be at the center of everything, especially since this model has a minimalist design with very thin, even invisible screen borders. In addition, its legs can be positioned in two different ways to better adapt to your TV stand. Due to the large size of this TV, it will still be necessary to make sure that you have a large enough piece of furniture, or choose a wall mount. In addition, your room should be large enough for the experience to be pleasant and not to damage your eyes while watching TV: the distance required for a 75-inch diameter is approximately 3 metres.

A TV that is not OLED, but…

If it wasn’t an OLED screen, without the infinity blacks and excellent contrast that this technology provides, here we’d have a simple LED backlight on the LCD panel, but 4K UHD definition would still be part of it. In addition, the Sony X1 processor will take care of adjusting and optimizing the colors of the broadcast images to make them more realistic, while the Sony X-Reality Pro 4K image processing will take care of upscaling 4K UHD content for more detailed images. . Add to this the Sony Triluminos technology, which will make the colors even brighter. The Sony KD75X89J TV will also be Dolby Vision compatible, and on the audio side, Dolby Atmos will be there for wide and immersive sound.

TV adapts to next generation consoles

The Sony KD75X89J is a good reference for those who have a next-gen console like PS5 or Xbox Series X at home. This model has two HDMI 2.1 ports, enabling 4K @ 120 fps. ALLM (Automatic Low Latency Mode) and VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) modes will also be included. The panel refresh rate is set at 100Hz, which is a guarantee to enjoy beautiful fluidity of the picture.

High quality operating system

The TV finally integrates the excellent Google TV operating system, which provides a personalized user experience. In fact, the TV will be able to make suggestions to you based on the content already viewed, as well as on the streaming platforms you have subscribed to. The main apps from the Play Store will obviously be there, along with Google Assistant (and Alexa, for that matter) and Chromecast (plus AirPlay) for you to stream content from a smartphone or tablet. You can also control the compatible connected objects in the home.

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What will be the best 75-inch 4K TVs (OLED, QLED, or Full LED) in 2022?

Tired of your little TV? So fall in love with a 75 inch TV. Whether it’s for a movie, a soccer match, or to play, immersion is even better!
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