Soldes Logitech G PRO X : Prix explosé pour cette référence du casque gaming

Logitech G PRO X sales: the price has gone up for this gaming headset reference

good deal news Logitech G PRO X sales: the price has gone up for this gaming headset reference

When we’re looking to outfit ourselves with gaming headphones, and we’ll be putting the accessory for hours on our fragile ears, it’s best to opt for a model that sounds. And this is indeed the case with the Logitech G PRO X that remains one of the references for both gamers and professionals, which today can be found on sale at an unbeatable price.

Logitech G PRO X: A Price That Shouldn’t Last

Impressive drop in price since then Logitech flagship headset starts from €129 to €79 including postage, i.e. a 50 euro discount from the web seller Amazon, which specializes in offers on this brand. The price tag that puts this premium helmet is a lot lower than its more intimidating competitors, and a bargain if you’re looking for a cut-off model for fun and competition.

Buy the G PRO X gaming headset at 79€ from Amazon

In addition, this wired speaker is multi-platform with the ability to connect On Windows PC or Mac, tablets, but also on existing consoles between Xbox, PS4 / PS5 or Nintendo Switch Thanks to the dual USB / Mini-jack connectors

Logitech G PRO X: an extraordinary finish

Logitech is used to the truth, but it’s worth remembering: G PRO X is a headphone with a beautiful finish. The metal frame ensures the rigidity of the headband, the outside of the ear cups makes use of a very elegant matte plastic, while the interior made of imitation leather or fabric, as desired, ensures good sound insulation of the outside world and a real sweetness of the connection.

Comfort is part of it with a stable but well-calibrated posture. The helmet does not put much pressure on the skull and provides a very good level of stability, and The thickness of the ear cushions adapts well to eyeglass wearers, Important details to note. Finally, adjustment is very easy and allows the helmet to be adapted to all head sizes, from those of children to those of adults, for use by the whole family.

Logitech G PRO X: Cross-platform compatibility

Logitech G PRO X lives up to its name. If it appeals most to professionals in esports, simulation and competition, it is because it clearly caters to all the needs of this type of event, Such amateur players. Its toughness, like we said, but also its very wide compatibility that runs across all gaming platforms. On PlayStation 4 and 5, on PC, Mac, and on the Nintendo Switch in TV mode, you can choose between Mini-Jack and USB for connectivity. On the Xbox One or Series, you will have to go through the console’s mini-jack port.

Either way, the sound is exceptional. Clear, accurate and stunning with good bass boost, but never aggressive. You can also benefit, if you’re playing on PC, from the ability to adjust the audio settings for binaural as well as for Microphone with a number of instruments provided by Logitech and Blue MicrophoneProfessional microphones specialist. And since the USB interface has its own memory, it is possible to transfer these settings to other platforms. Just gorgeous and very practical.

So there is no hesitation. If you are looking for a good headphone that is stylish, accurate, resistant, and at a good price, then this Amazon offering is made for you. Hurry before stock runs out.
Buy the G PRO X gaming headset at 79€ from Amazon

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