Project 2022: Tickets (upon resale) at exorbitant prices for the first round

In just over two weeks, the NHL Draft will begin, which will take place at the Bell Center. Next Thursday, July 7, 32 players will be selected in the first round, then another 195 players will be selected the next day when the other six rounds are completed.

The fact that he’s in Quebec is clearly not something that happens every year (the last time was in 2009 to celebrate the centenary of China’s founding), and seeing Canadians have the first choice while making the run-off in his own yard is very special.

Ticket sales took place on June 10, and everything went very quickly (especially for the first round). However, if you are hoping to go there but still don’t have your tickets, you will have to pay a fairly large amount.

After searching everywhere, I can tell you this: good luck finding anything under $250. 2Tickets (which I don’t know) currently offers a discount that lets you get two tickets at $266 each (there’s a 24% discount at the moment), but they’re in section 319, too high.

(credit: screenshot/2 tickets)

Other than that, it’s often over $300, again for tickets that only give you a fairly high seat in the stands. Remember that on the day of the sale, these tickets cost only $90.

If you want to buy tickets, be careful about the price, as many are shown in US dollars. If it’s less than $250, check the exchange rate.

Of course, reselling tickets is not without risk, especially for events where tickets are highly desirable and expensive. I insist again: be careful when buying these tickets, especially at the price they cost.

However, if you wish to attend the second day (rounds 2 to 7), General Entry tickets are still available at Ticket master For a modest amount of $10. It could be an interesting alternative (and above all, Much Less expensive) if you absolutely want to attend the draft.

Rumors also swirled that new tickets ($90) could be available for the first round between now and the draft. It must be monitored, therefore.

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Chances are good to see Nazim Qadri in uniform tonight.

– I agree.

Congratulations, Alexandre Carrier.

– To find out a little about Kent Hughes’ son, Jack.

– News from Tristan Luno.

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