Quebec’s first “Creative Industries 4.0” fund

With venture capital largely ignored, Quebec companies that combine creativity and technology will be able to count on their first earmarked fund, the 40 million run by Montreal Tripec Capital.

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Karim Ben Issa

Karim Ben Issa

The announcement on Thursday will start this fund, which aims to recruit and support about two dozen companies over the next four years. The duration of the investments is 10 years, which classifies this fund in the category of “patient capital”.

One of the founders of Triptyq Capital is Guillaume Thérien, who was CEO of Zú from 2018 to 2021. This” main center Creative “founded by Guy Laliberté is primarily an incubator for companies operating in the entertainment sector. The other two partners of Triptyq are engineer and administrator Bertrand Nepveu as well as attorney Charles Sylvestre.

For Mr. Thérien, this $40 million fund for what he calls “Creative Industries 4.0” addresses an urgent need. He explains in an interview: “The creative industries were not well known, very poorly explained, and not very efficient in terms of funding. Special effects, video games, music, talent is there, there are incubators, venues, labs, but the money is mostly public or semi-public. contributions, or tax credits.

Technologies for sale

Statistically speaking, 11% of the so-called “digital creative companies” have access to venture capital, he points out. Two-thirds of the cases are companies with five or fewer employees. “We wanted to fix that. We did professionAnd here we are. »

What Triptyq Capital I looks for are seed companies that develop solutions that can be used by other creative companies. Therefore, it is not about financing one-off projects – shows, works or experiments – but rather technologies. Three “themes” were targeted: creation support, publishing platforms and protocols, and techniques and tools for connecting creators and their audiences.

No company has been formally appointed yet, identifies Mr Terrain, who believes the context is particularly promising for start-ups. “It can be scary to see tech stocks plummet, but in times of crisis it’s time to reinvent yourself […]. Innovating quickly for large companies becomes complex. cooperate with Startups And for more flexible companies, this is often the answer. »

The metaverse, in particular, represents a golden opportunity for Quebec companies to establish themselves quickly. “There was 13 billion US dollars invested in the metaverse in 2021, and in just the first months of 2022 we reached 120 billion. There is huge infrastructure and we have talent in Quebec.”

Ambitious but realistic

The Triptyq Capital co-founder is well aware that his 40 million fund will not come to compete with giants in the field, such as Andreessen Horowitz who announced last May a $600 million fund dedicated to gaming in the metaverse.

We are ambitious, but humble and realistic. We want to be there, play in the big leagues, and be pioneers. We can’t be in tow just yet. »

Among its partners, Triptyq Capital I Investissement Québec Fund, the Lune Rouge Group, the National Bank, Behavior Interactive, and PHI.

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