The war of nerves between Macron and the opposition begins

(Paris) The opposition returned the ball to Emmanuel Macron’s court, Thursday, rejecting the idea of ​​forming a coalition government and urging him to propose concrete measures for the French, while it wants Parliament to return all its role in examining texts. “On a case-by-case basis.”

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Gael Geoffroy and Paul Opryat
France media agency

He’s the one standing against the wall, not us […] If he stays in his draft, he will not have an absolute majority, he is the one who commented, and he is the one who will demoralize France,” summed up Nupes-PS Member of Parliament Valerie Rabo.

Before traveling on Thursday for a European summit in Brussels, the head of state, who only had a relative majority, on Wednesday evening in front of 15.5 million viewers, dismissed the hypothesis of a national union government, tested with some party leaders.

He also asked the left-wing Nupes coalition, the National Rally and Republicans “to say with complete transparency how far they are willing to go” in order to “build compromises”: “enter into a coalition government and work (or) simply commit to a vote on certain texts, our budget.”

While he had called for a short-term response, government spokeswoman Olivia Gregoire confirmed, upon his return from Brussels on Friday afternoon, that he had “not set a 48-hour deadline”.

“blank check”

“It is up to him to see how far he can go in favor of the French,” François Ruffin, a deputy of the Nupes-LFI, responded, echoing the president’s words.

La Nupes wants “very tangible things”, for example to see in Mr Macron’s project SMIC at a price of 1,500 euros, insisted MI Rabolt, while Representative Nobis-Elf Julian Bayo promises proposals on the environment from the united left.

On the right, LR “rejects” any coalition contract that would erase everyone’s political “convictions”. “So it will be for us on a case-by-case basis” to vote on the texts in Parliament, reiterated the chair of the LR group in the Senate, Bruno Ritayo.

Les Républicains comptent eux-mêmes proposer des mesures la semaine prochaine, avait rappelé mercredi le nouveau chef de file de leur groupe Olivier Marleix, quit de refusing to fair un “chèque en blanc, de surcroît sur un projet” peu chef ‘condition.

Marine Le Pen, élue par acclamation, car seule candidate jeudi à la tête d’un groupe RN fort de 89 députés, avait promis mercredi que ceux-ci « examiner(aient) les textes à la lumière de l’intérêt des Français et France “.

But among the feline, we do not despair of being able to achieve the expansion of the majority.

“We are trying to find the way with this new National Assembly,” Elizabeth Bourne explained on the sidelines of a trip to Ile-de-France on Thursday, saying that she was waiting for “an explanation of what (the forces of the political opposition) are.” ready to do.”

You must meet from Thursday with the heads of the newly elected parliamentary groups at the Palais Bourbon: Aurore Bergé for LREM, Jean-Paul Mattéi of MoDem, Laurent Marcangeli for Horizons, Marine Le Pen for the RN, Oliver Marleix for LR, and Mathilde Panot for LFI, Boris Vallaud for PS, Julien Bayou and Cyrielle Chatelain for EELV and André Chassaigne for PCF.

The prime minister, who has weakened in the polls and faced calls to resign in the opposition, should speak Thursday at 8:50 p.m. at LCI.

New electoral incidents.

Gil Boyer, close to Edward Philip and founding member of Horizons, asserted that the allied majority party continued to try to form an “alliance” with some LR, PS or EELV, i.e. “identify major reforms on which we could find points of agreement and then build a government agreement” expected “Several days, weeks, or even a few months of discussions” to make it happen.

But “the idea that it would suffice to reconstitute a majority that the electorate did not give” in order “to continue business as usual” (editor’s note: business as usual) is not feasible, warns François Bayrou (MoDem), another key ally, citing the risks of “new electoral mishaps.” “.

Government spokeswoman, Olivia Gregoire, confirmed that the “dialogue” with the opposition was “engaged” for several days, and possibly several weeks, explaining that the head of state “is likely to meet with the heads of political forces and will discuss with by listening.”

In the near future, another battle is taking place in the room over the presidency of the Finance Committee, which should go to one of the opposition members. The left and RN are sharpening their guns: LFI Eric Coquerel and RN Jean-Philippe Tanguy are “nominees”, while PS Valérie Rabault says it is “interested” in the position.

Voting will take place on June 30.

The Nupes coalition groups (LFI, PS, EELV and LFI), which held their first intergroup meeting on Thursday and promised joint proposals, particularly on purchasing power, confirmed that they would submit “joint nominations” for other key positions in the crowd.

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