Genshin Impact, patch notes v2.7: A transition patch?

Content Update

I’m new characters

Yelan ‧ Valley Orchid (Hydro) 5 ★

◇ God’s Eye: Watery

◇ Weapon: Bow

A mysterious person claiming to work for the Civil Status Bureau. However, it does not appear anywhere in their history.

Kuki Shinobu Affliction Mender (Electro) 4 ★

◇ God’s Eye: Electric

◇ Weapon: One-handed sword

◇ The trusted and talented Vice Leader of the Arataki gang… Please note that these qualities do not apply to the Arataki gang as a whole, but only to its Vice Leader.

secondly. new weapons

water simulation (arc)

The color of this long bow is unpredictable. Under the light, it takes on a brilliant aqua blue color.

dusk (arc)

Precious platinum bow, encrusted with a circle that shimmers in the evening light.

Third. new events

During the event, travel to Chasm and explore the mysteries of its depths, then complete various challenges to get primeval gems, crown of wisdom, weapon-up items, skill enhancements, mysterious boosting ore, hero classes, modes, and other rewards. Complete “Tactics Realm” challenges to get the exclusive “Sunset Twilight (Bow)” weapon and improvement items.

〓 duration 〓

Participation Terms 〓

– He wrapped. An adventure greater than or equal to 28

– Complete the Archons quest “An Approaching Star” and the global quest “Where does the Soul Stone come from?” »

– Complete the Arataki Itto Story mission “Taurus Iracundus – Act 1”, Shogun Raiden Story Quest “Imperatrix Umbrosa – Act 2” and World Quest “The Teapot of Your Dreams – 1” to make the most of this event.

During the event, if you have not completed the story quests for Arataki Itto, Shogun Raiden and the global mission “Teapot of Your Dreams – 1”, you can participate in the event by clicking on the “Quick start” button.

  • During the event, the Archons: Interlude – Act 2 quest will gradually unlock according to the stages of the “Dangerous Path” event: in the first three days of the event, a new stage will be unlocked every day. When you reach Lv. ADVENTURE REQUIRED Having completed the previous mission, you will gain access to the story of the mission Archons: Interlude – Act 2 “Perilous Path”.

Fourthly. new stories

1. The new Archons mission

Archons Mission: Interlude – Chapter 2 “The Perilous Path”

2. New Story Quest

Yelan Story Mission: Umbrabilis Orchis – Chapter 1 “The Calculated Bet”

3. A new getaway

The Getaway: Kuki Shinobu – Chapter 1: “The Gang’s Daily Business”

4. New World Quests

“On stage and off”, “Spring breeze under a fan”;

other v

1. New recipes: “Shrimp with dew”, “Waltz d’omurice”;

2. Update some achievements in “Wonders of the World” and “Memories of the Heart”.

3. New themes: “Yelan – Jet”, “Kuki Shinobu – Weaving”, “PB – Destiny”;

4. New accessories: “Catch Me” entertainment device;

5. Added descriptions of challenge attributes in blessed dungeons, dungeon training and mastery for team recommendations at higher levels;

6. Added “Flower Zither” for sale from NPC Shan in Liyue port;

7. Added 7 to 14 “Paymon Boards” emoji packs in chat;

8. Added Character Upgrade Guide function: Recommendations on improving skills and selecting the main attributes of artifacts are now available on the corresponding interfaces;

9. Spiral Depths

The energy anomaly on the eleventh floor has been fixed as follows:

The damage caused by characters equipped with a mighty sword increases by 75%.

Updated monsters on floors 11 and 12.

The three phases of the Abyssal Moon Blessing will be as follows as of its first update in 2.7:

The first stage: the approaching of the moon

Normal attack damage increases by 16% for 8s when the deployed character uses an elemental skill. This effect can be stacked up to 3 times, and the duration of each stack is calculated independently.

Second stage: the ethereal moon

Physical RES and enemy element RES are reduced by 12% for 8 seconds when a character hits them with an elemental skill. This effect can be stacked up to 3 times, and the duration of each stack is calculated independently.

Third stage: Ironbreaker Moon

If the deployed character uses an elemental skill, its next normal attack, if it hits an enemy, releases a shock wave at the enemy’s position, causing mass destruction. This effect can be triggered once every 1.2 seconds.

Adjustments and improvements

● Tasks

1. Reducing the difficulty of the daily quest “Wild Thunder” on Narukami Island: replacing some enemies.

2. Reducing the difficulty of the daily task “Executions!” » On Narukami Island: a decrease in the overall strength of the enemy formation.

3. Reducing the difficulty of the daily task “Race against Time” on Yashiuri Island: extending the challenge period, replacing some enemies, removing roadblocks.

4. Reduce the difficulty of the daily mission “Click Crisis” on Yashiuri Island: reduce the overall strength of the enemy formation, extend the duration of the challenge.

5. Reducing the difficulty of the daily task “The name deserves a beating in broad daylight!” On Yashuri Island and Serai Island: The time period during which enemies remain on patrol at the stopping point has been extended.

6. Reducing the difficulty of the daily mission “Charging in Danger” in Narukami Island, Yashuri Island and Serai Island: reduce the speed of the blob ball, reduce the number of enemies on the path of the ball.

● system

1. Improved weekly Battle Pass missions. If these tasks are completed during the current week, their progress and data will be saved after the version update, and will not be reset during the week in which they occur;

2. Exploration rewards changed from Dihua Swamp in Liyue to “Ponytail” and “Loupe-de-loup” and from Guili Plains to “Mora”; After the update, you will receive Mora x 5000, Lotus Fruit x 12 and Matsutake x 12 as compensation;

3. Improve the order in which characters appear in the interface. For the same level, characters that have not been raised will appear in a row;

4. Optimized notification display effects. When the message content appears on the screen, the list of information on the left (quests, challenges) appears semi-transparent;

5. Improved interface that shows how to get a tool in the inventory. When the widget’s origin is not unlocked, the text appears in white on a dark background;

6. Improve the experience of using the gamepad in the settings: when you do not switch between the options in the left tab and return to the options on the right, the system will automatically resume the last selected option;

7. Optimize the list of character ability influence descriptions in cooking, tuning, blacksmithing, expeditions, and decoration mode interfaces: the height of the list can be adjusted;

8. Optimize the warning effect on the map of the Oculus detector: add motion effect to the detection circuit;

9. Improved chat view in multiplayer mode: After entering the multiplayer mode, the team chat opens by default;

● Characters

1. Improved animation of some characters when thrown in the air.

● sound

1. Improved sound effects for some items.

2. Modification of Japanese phonemes for some story questions and bosses.

3. Improvement and modification of some Korean characters and NPC letter fonts.

4. The character enhancer is an interrupt mechanic elemental skill for idle minions.

● other

1. Reduce the difficulty of some enemies in a level. From Worlds 3 to 6: Oceanid, Geo Hypostasis, Cryo Hypostasis, Oni Blade, Thunder Manifestation, Golden Alpha Wolf, Stormterror, and Azhda;

2. When you acquire the characters Jean, Amber, Rosalia, and Mona, their alternate costumes are automatically displayed.

3. During the “Trying Is Adopting” event, the appearances of the characters Jean, Amber, Rosalia, and Mona were modified to show off their alternate costumes;

4. Bitrate of clips from previous versions on mobile has been set at 2500 kbps to optimize client size.

5. Chroma support on Razer devices has been temporarily suspended due to an in-game crash issue. This feature will be restored once the issue is resolved.

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