80-70 win | More than success for the alliance

Verdun Hall was full. The atmosphere was electrifying. The crowd is completely frenzied. The coalition won it 80-70. It’s hard to ask more about the first game in the history of the new franchise at home.

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Catherine Harvey Benard

Catherine Harvey Benard

“First match at home, an atmosphere like that… Just to win, it’s sick to me. I don’t even know what to say,” said Kimi Osei of Quebec, everyone smiling, after the meeting.

Led by an absolutely in-line Dominic Green with 36 points, Vincent Lavander’s men showed the Scarborough Shooting Stars, the 3,500 fans in the hall and attentive Chris Boucher on the sidelines just how hot they were.

The ground shook when Ossé scored the missing basket to reach the 79-point goal set by Elam’s base, shutting down the confrontation. The building was also slow to empty after that, while Alliance players were asked for autographs and photos.


It was the best moment of my football career.

Kimi Osei

The Alliance organization prepared a great pre-match presentation. Introduced one by one by the house announcer, the players presented themselves on the field amidst a cloud of smoke. The already enthusiastic crowd gave them a welcome worthy of a full stay.

She did not die during the match. You had to see his reaction when Dominic Green scored his first of five three-pointers.

“It was unbelievable,” said the 25-year-old American. There is nothing I ask for more as a basketball player. When they bring in energy, it nourishes you. It allows you to go harder every day. »

in twice

Like Wednesday in Hamilton – an 80-72 loss to Honey Badgers – it was a two-part game for the Alliance. Perhaps the team was a bit nervous, trailing 45-37 halfway and dominated by former Raptors Galen Harris and teammate Kyle Alexander, who were 21 points apart.

Photo by Philip Boivin, the press

The new Alliance de Montreal basketball team game against Scarborough Shooting Stars at Verdun Auditorium.

“I think in the first half of the match we attacked very well, but at a disastrous rate,” coach Vincent Lavander noted. […] I simply told my players in the first half that they could put more energy into defense, take more rhythm in attack to get a better shot performance. »

They have received the message. to the sound of collapse defense From the crowd that echoed in the hall as Shooting Stars grabbed the ball, Lavandier’s troops came from behind with six unanswered baskets at the start of the third quarter. So she was leading 49-47 after five minutes of play.

The rest of the game faced brave card to win 80-70. And yes, “hohe hehehehe” was heard.

Kemy Ossé explained: “The coach is doing an excellent job with us to push ourselves to the limit in training. We were in that moment, our legs were dead but we had to give the second push. That’s exactly what happened today.”

Osei, who scored 12 points, including 7 in the last four minutes, praised Dominic Green’s work.

“It kept us in the game,” he said. He won the game. He and Alan Lewis. Alan came up with his card and jostled. We’re veterans just finished. »

For his part, the coach described the American’s performance as “normal”.

“He is a very talented player but he needs to work a lot in his defence,” he explained. And he knows it. I tell him: Your match is good, but I expect more. I’m a bit demanding with talented players, and that’s normal. I didn’t even know he scored 36 points. It’s good for him, but it wasn’t against Hamilton, I think. So it has to work. »

Photo by Philip Boivin, the press

The new Alliance de Montreal basketball team game against Scarborough Shooting Stars at Verdun Auditorium.

great visitors

Many visitors caught the eye inside the walls of Verdun Hall. First, NBA players Chris Boucher and Lugwenitz Dort. Then the famous rapper J Cole, who is playing with the Scarborough Shooting Stars this season. There were several eyes on him during the pre-match warm-up period.

“It’s really good for the league,” Oseh said of him. When J Cole signed, all tickets were sold out [dans la ligue]. It also shows how big this league is. Just the fact that he wants to play in the league means a lot. »

“I respect him a lot because he comes and plays,” said Dominic Green. Plays against the pros. He put in the effort, played 100%, it was great to see. »

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