Aloyt 27 – Stampeders 30 | An injury can change everything

Counting the playoffs, Alwight is now on a losing track record since Khary Jones became their pilot in 2019 (17-18). But it certainly can’t be said that his team isn’t putting in a good show.

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Miguel Bogold

Miguel Bogold

Alouette lost 30-27 to the Stampeders in the first game of the new season in the Canadian Football League, Thursday night at McMahon Stadium. The game was exciting from start to finish.

Montreal led 24-14 after the first half, but the Stampeders unanswered 13 points to lead 27-24, taking advantage of Vernon Adams Jr.’s second interception of the night and a blocked field goal attempt to start an offensive streak. Well positioned on the ground.

David Cote tied the match with a field goal from 23 yards with 4:09 left. However, he responded in the face of Rene Paredes with a 38-yard shot for the winning goal with just 29 seconds on the scoreboard.

Jones and his team played relatively well and should usually be encouraged by their performance. Given the injury suffered by William Stanback in the second quarter, one suspects that’s not the case at all. The back was injured when defender Trey Roberson saved him in the lower left leg. She wasn’t pretty, and Stanback was taken to a medical clinic for a check-up.

Danny Maciocia and The Birds were already looking for a good US return to serve as Stanback’s insurance policy earlier in the week. If the latter’s injury is serious, some candidates should come to Montreal within the next few days.

Photo by Jeff McIntosh, The Canadian Press

Jeshrun Antwi escapes from Cameron Judge’s tackle.

Thursday night, it was Gicheron Antwi who replaced Stanback and the Canadian Reserve did well. Antwi spent his teenage years in Calgary before playing for the University of Calgary Dinos. Playing in front of his family, he totaled 114 yards, including a 70-yard dash that set the stage for the Alouettes’ second major championship, a one-yard offside from third quarterback Dominic Davis. Stanback scored his team’s first touchdown in an eight-yard pass.

Adam’s son? He was better than the stats say (18 for 32 for 250 yards, touchdowns and two interceptions).

His 55-yard pass to Eugene Lewis knocked Stanback down and he himself scored 7 key yards after jumping over defensive linebacker Deonty Rovin. Note that Adams Jr. was blocked hard in the previous game, receiving a helmet blow under the chin which earned a penalty for intimidating the Stampeders quarterback.

There seems to be more scrolling speed than Adams Jr. compared to last season. His accuracy was generally good and he often made quick decisions. In contrast, he never saw linebacker Jamir Thurman come in for his second interception and made several of his passes. Let’s say 7 out of 10 for this first game, which is respectable given that attacks usually take longer to find their rhythm than defenses early in the season.

The club’s top player was Lewis, who had a great shot along the sidelines as well as playing from 55 yards. He also jumped on the opponent. Lewis caught 7 passes for 112 yards and if there is a better receiver than him in this league, we’d love to know which is which.

The second half is difficult

On the other side of the ball, Barron Miles’ unit played better in the first 30 minutes of play than in the last 30 minutes. Adarius Beckett intercepted a pass from Bo Levi Mitchell and the Montreal defense returned the ball to Adams Jr. and his teammates after short passes several times in the first half.

It was even more difficult after the break. Carrier Ka’Deem Carey has made noticeable use of openings to gain big yards and we can’t definitely say the Alouettes seemed in a hurry to tackle it…

Ultimately, it’s the game of a group of sophomores that can determine what kind of season Alouette’s defense will have. Beckett, Rodney Randall Jr, Wes Sutton, Trey Watson and Marc Antoine Decoy will have to continue their lead. And not just in covering scrolling, in their interventions as well.

Pound for pound, Greg Reed is perhaps the strongest defensive player in the LS. But the defensive back suffered a knee injury early in the game, having not missed a game since joining the squad in 2018. Returning expert Mario Alford also left the game in the first half after suffering an abdominal injury.

For their part, the Stampeders had to replace Levi Mitchell in the final minutes of the match with what appeared to be a foot injury. It was reservist Jake Meyer who led the streak that ended in Paredes’ victory.

Mayer became the first midfielder in CFL history to dash more than 300 yards in the first three of his career last season. While he was a green conscript .. How long will he remain in the reserve? Perhaps the union between Levi Mitchell and the Stampeders is coming to an end.

Club of 0.500 without more?

The Alouettes play their second game of the season next Thursday against the Argonauts in Toronto. They would most likely be without Stanback, Reed and Alford, who are probably the best players in attack, defense and special teams respectively. It is going well…

Depth will be tested from the start of the season. Without Stanback in the back court, Adams Jr. would have to occupy more space in attack. If he plays as he played in Calgary and avoids the objections, he should at least let his people win.

But this team is hard to read. She makes more exciting plays than anyone else in the ring, but she makes a lot of mistakes to consistently win, whether it’s turnovers, penalty shootouts or gaps in focus.

In short, the .500 Club. Win one, lose one. For a number of reasons, this team desperately needs a long winning streak this summer. If Stanback’s absence was long, it would be very difficult to do so.

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