Stade de France: controversy and battle of personalities, Liverpool wants an apology

Paris | After the chaotic final, the rat race: After three days of organizational failures at the Stade de France, the controversy is not falling in Liverpool, whose boss demanded an apology from his supporters Tuesday, as in Paris where the battle of characters rages on.

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Still stoked by the Champions League final against Real Madrid (0-1) in Saint-Denis, which led to scenes of chaos before the match, Liverpool president Tom Werner wrote his indignation to French Sports Minister Amelie Odea Castera.

In question, remarks made on Monday by Ms Odea Castera and Home Secretary Gerald Darmanin who reiterated what they had been saying since Saturday evening: British supporters are largely responsible for the incidents, with “massive industrial fraud and organized fraud”. banknotes.” The sports minister further said that Liverpool had “left their supporters in the wild”.

Stade de France: controversy and battle of personalities, Liverpool wants an apology

The accusations bring back horrific memories for Liverpool fans of the Hillsborough disaster that left 97 people dead in 1989 in a mob that Reds fans were to blame long before bad police decisions.

“Your comments are irresponsible, unprofessional and completely disrespectful,” Tom Werner wrote in his letter to Amélie Oudéa-Castera, of which the local daily Liverpool Echo obtained a copy. “On behalf of all the fans who went through this nightmare, I ask you to apologize,” he added.

The sports minister responded at midday on Tuesday, saying she had not yet received the message from Liverpool but had opened the door to the start of the row.

“We have the Liverpool supporters who were in absolutely fine form, whose evening was either ruined or some of them were unable to attend this match, and we obviously owe them an apology,” she said.

Disputed numbers

However, the figures given by the French government were widely criticized, in England and France.

Stade de France: controversy and battle of personalities, Liverpool wants an apology

According to Gerald Darmanin, “between 30,000 and 40,000 English fans found themselves in the Stade de France, either without a ticket or with fake tickets.”

And this situation, according to the authorities, greatly amplified the crowds that thronged to the gates of the Stade de France and led to endless queues, and massive congestion that did not cause serious injuries.

Currently, the French Football Federation and UEFA estimated the number of “fake tickets scanned” at “2800” on Saturday, sources familiar with the matter told AFP on Tuesday, confirming information from RMC Sports.

But among those 2,800 fake tickets, there may be real tickets that were incorrectly activated, according to Pierre Barthelemy, a lawyer for the French fan groups present at the stadium on Saturday. “There were computer malfunctions and errors at the gates, which caused some real banknotes to be checked as fake,” he told AFP.

“I am waiting to hear from the two ministers on Wednesday in the Senate to find out more,” commented former Gilles Representative(s) Regis Juanico, who specializes in sports issues. The meeting is scheduled for five in the evening.

The intelligence services, for their part, alerted the authorities before this final.

Stade de France: controversy and battle of personalities, Liverpool wants an apology

Dated 25 May, a note from the National Riot Division (DNLH) written jointly with the intelligence services, which AFP learned about, stated that “about 50,000 English supporters present in the French capital (who) will not be ticket pregnant”.

The chaos at the Stade de France contrasted with the festive atmosphere that prevailed in the two ‘fan zones’ dotted on Saturday, particularly those at the Cours de Vincennes where 45,000 Reds fans took part in a ‘friendly and respectful atmosphere’ praised by Richard Puig. , Elected (PS) of the twelfth district.

Next game is on Friday at Stade de France

On the judicial level, six men will be tried in Bobigny for theft at the fans’ expense on the sidelines of the final.

With legislative elections approaching (June 12 and 19), the issue has taken a very political turn, particularly with regard to France’s ability to stage major sporting events one year after the 2023 Rugby World Cup and two years from the Olympic Games in Paris.

Subsequently, Representative Arik Siuti demanded the formation of a commission of inquiry into the events in the National Assembly.

All eyes are now on the upcoming match at Stade de France, France-Denmark in the League of Nations on Friday (8:45pm), sold out.

The RATP’s union organizations launched a new strike call for the RER B on Friday, after their movement on Saturday may have added to the dysfunction, as many Reds supporters have returned to the RER D, a source of jams on arrival.

2024 Olympics president Tony Estangett wanted to be reassured: he explained to AFP that it was necessary to “learn lessons” from the fiasco at the Stade de France, which will host athletics events, while ensuring that the whole world was “ready” within two years.

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