With his good streak, Kayden Primo remains an option in CH’s long-term plan

Since the Canadians drafted Kayden Primo in the seventh round of the 2017 draft, the latter has quickly climbed up the potential hierarchy of the Habs thanks to two major NCAA seasons.

On a professional level, on the other hand, it wasn’t always easy for Primeau. The youngster certainly had a good time in the AHL, but someone who was seen as the “future CH goalkeeper” for a few years had less rosy times, especially during his few starts in the NHL, where the confidence wasn’t really there.

But the good news is that during the current Laval Rocket Qualifiers, Primeau has taken back his match mojo. The 22-year-old goalkeeper is 9-4-0 with a 2.10 goal-to-average and .937 save percentage. We’re far from the Primeau we’ve seen in the NHL this season.

And this morning, on the waves TSN 690Mark Dennis rightly spoke about the youngster, saying that his current performance means we can’t exclude him from CH’s long-term plan. I can’t accept more.

Basically, what Dennis seems to be saying (at least that’s what I understand) is that for Premio, the current series has been a big test of what CH can stick to in terms of his future. If he knows the good stuff (which is currently the case), he’ll still be an option to be the “future keeper”, but if he knows the bad guys, CH will have to turn to other Guardians.

It is not there not to keep it for the next year, but simply to assume that it was not the solution, that simple.

At the moment, Primo is playing perhaps the best hockey game of his (young) career. And he’s doing it at a critical time, and that’s a great sign.

Again, this does not mean that Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton can assume that Primo would definitely be the right guard to fill this role in the long run. However, the need to find a good young goalkeeper is less urgent today than it was a few weeks ago, basically.

Does this mean that Ilya Samsonov, in whom CH had some interest before the deadline, will not even be considered in a deal this summer? Can.

In short, we’ll see if CH will feel the need to get another young goalkeeper this summer. It’s never a bad idea to do this, but Primo is currently making it clear that it might not be The priority.

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