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Which side?

In baseball, what side would a nice hitter have to a bowler’s arm? Will it be on the same side as the shooter’s arm or on the other side?

rock stone

Reply from Alexander Pratt:

good morning. Usually, hitters will choose the left side when facing a right-handed shooter, and the right side when facing a left-handed gunner.

The Butterfly Effect

In terms of how many goals are often scored on goalkeepers’ shoulder, would butterfly style be the cause or would it be overused or misused?

Jack Tangway

Reply from Richard Lappe:

You’re absolutely right: there are more and more goals under the bar, and players are getting used to (and very skilled!) when it’s time to shoot in this very precise spot. This is not without irony. In the past, players were falling behind because the goalkeepers were on top, now it’s quite the opposite. Could we say that the players ended up modifying and “understanding” the butterfly’s style, to the point of exploiting its weaknesses? I would say yes, and anticipate a very distant future where goalkeepers will have to adopt a hybrid style, between standing and butterfly. Also, studies will eventually show that the butterfly pattern is very detrimental to the knees, hips, and back. This also should not be overlooked.

It’s all for this

I’m always amazed to see a player score his first goal in the National Hockey League, after a long run in minor. Do you know how many players have scored at least one goal in the league, how many have not scored any goals, and which five have played the most number of games without a goal?

Michael Maynard

Reply from Alexander Pratt:

good morning. To facilitate the search, we considered only the stats per season. A total of 6,151 strikers and defenders scored at least one goal. On the other hand, 1,310 center players were cleared. The Five Least Productive Skaters?

Stephen Halkow: 155 games without goals
Matt Smaby: 122 games
Dallas Aikins: 120 games
Jordy Dwyer: 108 games
Kim Claxon: 106 games

The future of Mailloux

I admit I am confused about Logan Maillo’s future. Is he the expected exceptional player? Will he be traded or will he be in the big club’s training camp? Please enlighten me!

Jitan Quinville

Reply from Kathryn Harvey Benard:

Unfortunately, the only two people who can answer you are Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton. What we do know at the moment is that Hughes “has no intention” of negotiating with Mallo during the furlough. “Logan is still being evaluated, not so much as a hockey player as a person, as a member of a community,” the general manager recently explained. As the youngster develops in Canadian junior hockey, CH has two years after his draft to get along with, which brings us to 1Verse June 2023.

If the Hab hasn’t hired him by that date, he’ll get a second-round pick as compensation. As you noted, Hughes could also decide to trade the Mailloux rights to another team. Otherwise, the young defender has to take part in the training camp…if the team invites him (which was not the case last year).

Mailloux has always been seen as one of the top leads. In other circumstances, he would already have a contract in his pocket at this point. However, the fact that he only played 16 games in OHL (due to the pandemic, his suspension and his shoulder injury) is a factor of uncertainty.


PHOTO JOHN LOCHER, Associated Press

Fans became furious after the Colorado Avalanche’s victory over the Tampa Bay Lightning on June 15.

Back in the days when I looked at NHL game scores in the print papers, you could see the attendance in the recap. Today I usually go to the NHL website where there is a lot of information on every player, but nothing on support. Is it posted somewhere and where?

Yvonne File

Reply from Guillaume Lefrancois:

Hello, it is true that the information is not found as easily as before. However, the NHL continues to publish it in its official documentation for each game. At, go to the “Results” section, then click “Gamecenter” for the game you’re interested in. Scroll down the right column and under the three stars you will see the Official Match Reports section. All documents in this section show attendance number at the top, in the middle.

The HockeyDB reference site provides interesting historical data on attendance. So there is a way to consult them by season, but also by team. Hoping to enlighten you!

Image from the NHL website

Image from the NHL website

Image from HOCKEYDB’s website

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