Logan Colley and Jonathan Licremaki invite themselves to the discussion for the first choice

Speaking of the first draft, names Shane Wright and Joraj Slavkowski (Who had two interviews but no dinner) come often. These are probably the two most advertised options, if you can put it that way.

But in fact, there are other names that will try to influence the Canadian, who has not yet decided who will be the first choice in general. Of the many, we can talk about out-of-this-world Jonathan Likremäki (who was invited to dinner), but there’s reason to be skeptical, let’s say.

In fact, Logan Cooley is probably another “real-world” name who could enter the first public choice dance for the next draft with a couple of his buddies.

and the sum It is the right time to do so.

Cooley passed his Tuesday interview with the Canadian and was invited to dinner by the club. It will happen tonight.

I don’t know if I’ll read between the lines because General Manager Kent Hughes won’t be present (he left Buffalo, Guillaume tells François) at dinner, but he won’t. And it’s not because he knows his son’s ex-teammate well since their first meeting on Tuesday was in life…

Of course, Hughes isn’t the only one who can meet the youngster (Nick Bobrov seems to be leading the way, by the way). show in Buffalo), but the absence of GM, who may simply have other commitments elsewhere, sends the opposite message to the fact that he’s one of the only people to have dined on the Montreal Canadiens arm this week.

Remember, Monday was Wright’s turn.

Cooley is a dynamic hub who probably has moreUpside down Who Wright, But Who Might Not Have What It Takes To Be The Next Patrice Bergeron. It is also smaller than the others.

But according to his agent, his client deserves to be in the conversation:

So it has shown continuous progress since that time. [2019]. This explains why people think his potential is higher than Wright’s.

Wright was always seen as the best prospect of his day. It’s not the same kind of progress. Logan worked hard. Brian Bartlett

Remember, Kent Hughes said interviews carry a lot of weight when it comes to choosing a player. Cooley’s best chance of impressing CH at this point is to look like a champ against the Canadiens captains.

I am really looking forward to next month. It would be exciting.

Many of

– good thinking.

– Notice to interested parties.

– He’s getting old.

– Will he come back?

– Good.

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