WatchOS 9 adds comprehensive sleep tracking and more accurate metrics

At WWDC 2022, Apple announced what’s new in watchOS 9

Sleep tracking on watchOS 9 // Source: Apple

After iOS 16, watchOS got its share of new features at WWDC 2022. Here are the new features of watchOS 9.

WatchOS 9: Stay connected to what interests you most

Whoever says the new version of watchOS also says new watch interfaces. So WatchOS 9 offers 4 of them:

  • The first that displays the globe in real time to see the progress of the day;
  • second to display the lunar calendar;
  • the third, Play Time, only shows very childish animated numbers;
  • The fourth, Metropolitan, includes a typeface that expands by turning the crown.

Added to this is a new interface on certain screens of the system, especially for notifications, which are now in the form of overlaid cards, or for Siri.

Many compatible apps are also being updated to bring a little freshness, like Apple Podcasts, allowing you to find new podcasts via the Find and Listen Now function. It also becomes possible to mute the microphone while using webex.

Health at the heart of the Apple Watch

As always, health is an important point in watchOS. Apple claims to have significantly improved motion detection thanks to machine learning By allowing not only to understand the vertical oscillations of the arm during movement, but also to understand the rotation of the trunk.

WWDC 2022 - June 6 _ screenshot Apple 50-24
watchOS 9 // Source: Apple

So step and distance measurements become more accurate and your Apple Watch can now display your heart rate range for more targeted, effective workouts. WatchOS also allows you to create types of exercises, including the distance you want to run, or multi-exercise sports, such as triathlon. Obviously, there are alerts directly on the screen, as well as vibrations that should be notified when, for example, a change in heart rate occurs.

In addition, watchOS 9 also understands when you regularly complete the same cycle and thus announces the best times.

Comprehensive sleep tracking

Since version 7, watchOS has been providing sleep tracking, but it’s fairly brief. With watchOS 9, sleep tracking is now complete. Thanks to the connected watch’s accelerometers and heart rate sensor, the Apple Watch can now provide more information about the different stages of sleep (wake, REM, deep sleep, etc.).

The information is then available from the Health app. This also improves with AiFib History which notes the percentage of cardiac anomalies.

Don’t forget your birth control pills

Finally, watchOS 9 is adding a feature that should appeal to quite a few people: medication reminders. Whether it’s pills, vitamins or supplements, simply scan the barcode with your iPhone to add the medication to the Health app and set a regular reminder. Never forget your discs again!

WWDC 2022 - June 6 _ screenshot Apple 55-8
Your Apple Watch becomes a reminder of your medications // Source: Apple

The application takes the opportunity to give some advice when some drugs have contraindications, such as mixing with alcohol for example.

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