Canadian Grand Prix | Lewis Hamilton: A comfortable podium

“How are you, Montreal?” smiling Lewis Hamilton called the microphone after the race, in response to the crowd already engulfed in seeing the seven-times world champion climb the third class of the podium.

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Catherine Harvey Benard

Catherine Harvey Benard

The Mercedes driver claimed his second podium in this challenging season as he won the first race of his career 15 years ago: at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

Hamilton, fourth on the starting grid, beat Fernando Alonso’s team in the Alps by 24e Lap to finish third for the first time in the race. He slipped to fourth place at the age of 45e lap, behind teammate George Russell, before regaining his place when the latter, in turn, changed the tire.

Although the safety car is at 50e On the lap, Hamilton managed to maintain his pace to finish the race behind Red Bull’s Max Verstappen and Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz Jr. Russell placed fourth.

“It’s very touching to get this third place – it’s very difficult this season with the car – but we kept our focus and always worked and I’m very proud of our team,” he said in an interview right after the race.

And the crowd greeted the pilot with a standing ovation, with whom they have a special relationship. “It’s my second podium of the year and I’m very happy with it, especially here, where I won my first win of my career and where the fans have always encouraged me,” he said.

end of the tunnel

Hamilton used to put in some great performances on the Gilles Villeneuve circuit. Honestly, he used to win. He’s done this seven times in the past. But this time the situation was different.

we know that; Nothing is going well this season for the 37-year-old, who is struggling to adapt to his new single-seater and has to deal with the immense physical pain of porpoises – the aerodynamic phenomenon that causes violent vibrations and shocks in cars.

So the Mercedes star hasn’t won a race yet. Before the Canadian Grand Prix, Hamilton only managed to reach third place. In total, he only had four podiums in between.

Photo by Olivier Jean, LA PRESSE Archives

Lewis Hamilton

There is no doubt, then, that these results will be the team’s vision of the end of the tunnel. Especially since the weekend didn’t start well during the free training. Team boss Toto Wolff even called the car a “huge crap box” after the first session.

“Our pace was really good. We’re slowly approaching, so we have to keep working, pushing, and hopefully we’ll be back in action with these guys soon,” Hamilton said, pointing to the two point guards.

Yesterday’s qualifiers [samedi] They were moving for me, he said shortly afterwards into the Sky Sports microphone. Back in the garage, we were like, Wow, that’s pretty nice to us. We’ve worked hard, and having a strong race today gives me a lot of hope and confidence for what’s to come. »

When asked about the condition of his back, which caused him pain last week in Azerbaijan, Hamilton replied: “I feel very good, as if I have regained my youth!”

to caution

Mercedes is still third among the constructors, 40 points behind Ferrari and 116 behind Red Bull. However, she will have the advantage of the home crowd at the next Grand Prix, which will be held at her home in England on July 3.

“We have to be careful,” Toto Wolff said Sunday night. There is still a lot of work to be done to get back to the fore. We haven’t gotten there yet. »

However, the team boss said he is happy to see Hamilton achieve a good result. “In several races, Lewis could have done better. It wasn’t because he got hurt, it was just bad luck. It’s good to see him on the positive side, on the podium today.”

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