Genshin Impact Banner Content Version 2.7: Interesting?

news tip Genshin Impact Banner Content Version 2.7: Interesting?

Who says new version of Genshin Impact, says new banners. And we can say that those, with the exception of Yilan of course, are very disappointed. We explain why, a few days before the update!

The new streamers, as well as the 2.7 update that the developers recently introduced, are about to hit Genshin Impact. So you will be able to find Yelan, with whom you can already begin to recover the materials for his evolution. But apart from the latter, who is on these banners? We’re evaluating, and…that’s not crazy.

Genshin Impact Banner Version 2.7

Character Banners

Genshin Impact Banner Content Version 2.7: Interesting?

Here’s what the two banners at the start of version 2.7 will consist of:

  • Yelan is a 5-star aquatic type character, and she is limited! So you will have to get him back within 3 weeks before the end of his banner, otherwise you will have to wait for the latter to return. The character looks interesting, and could be an interesting alternative to Xingqiu. We’ll tell you more about it as soon as it becomes available!
  • Xiao is a 5-star character who uses a pole and represents the element anime. He’s not necessarily a highly playable character, but he can do massive damage, provided you have a good squad around him that helps him manage his blast phase well. Good manners!
  • Barbara Processor hydro 4 stars. It’s a character introduced upon reaching adventure level 20 in the game, and… it can be useful at first, but soon gets replaced by… pretty much any character who can heal. Not a great option, and its towers are not exceptional.
  • Yanvi character pyro 4 stars. She is somewhat likable to play, she is not exceptional either, but she is without a doubt the most 4 star character Interesting than this banner. Especially since you probably haven’t maxed out his turrets yet, even if you’ve been playing from the start.
  • Noel character geo 4 stars. She’s right, but she needs to unlock all the towers to really shine. But it often came back in banner form, and with all the characters in the game, it’s hard to decide whether to prioritize them over the other four higher-earning stars.

As you will understand, this logo is not very good in terms of collecting interesting 4-star characters. Especially since Noelle and Barbara have already put on several banners …

Weapon Banner

Genshin Impact Banner Content Version 2.7: Interesting?

On this banner there will be the two distinct weapons of the five star characters planned, namely:

  • fake water – DGT CRIT in the main stats
    • Health points increased by 16%. If enemies are nearby, the damage dealt by a character equipped with a weapon increases by 20%, whether deployed or not.
  • winged jade spear – Knockout rate in main stats
    • Hitting enemies grants 3.2% extra ATK for 6 seconds. This effect can be triggered once every 0.3 seconds, and it can accumulate up to 7 times, increasing damage by 12%.

Water simulator looks perfect for yellingAnd it might be his favorite weapon. on the side winged jade spearIt is a weapon that has proven itself and is excellent for it Xiao. course order Pity The fact that you may not have the weapon you want… makes it difficult to recommend the summon on this sign.

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