Canadian Championship | CF Montreal was eliminated, and humiliated, by the Toronto FC team

CF Montreal saw red in the Canadian capital. Toronto FC won 4-0 at BMO Field in the Canadian Championship semi-finals.

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Jean Francois Teutonio

Jean Francois Teutonio

“We’ve hit rock bottom,” defender Alistair Johnston said after the match.

Ayo Akinola scored two goals to lead the Torontonians to the lead in the second half with three goals.


Ayo Akinola (20) celebrates with his teammates after scoring his goal in the first half.

Therefore, this defeat sounds the death knell for the Montreal team, the defending champion, in the 2022 edition of this competition.

Johnston said the final score “doesn’t reflect” the pace of the match. But he admits that his team’s performance “was not up to par, both offensively and defensively”.

“We have to live with that and get back to normal.”

Wilfried Nancy conducted a similar reading.

Photo by Kevin Sosa, USA Today Sports

Wilfried Nancy, Montreal coach

We conceded bad goals. We have to be more aggressive. It is not normal for goals to be scored in this way.

Wilfried Nancy, Montreal coach


Montreal failed to capitalize on the TFC who were still trying to organize themselves in the early moments of the first half. His two best chances in the net resulted in Samuel Peet’s shots on the edge of the penalty area (3 .).e20e).

After that, Toronto regained its pace. We attacked James Pantimes with more confidence and above all with success. The Montreal defense, which played slowly throughout the match, forced us to slide to the extreme.

Until the dam finally broke. in 40eAyo Aquinola served in the area after a quick climb with Luca Petraso and Jesus Jimenez, and put in his mouth for the first goal of the match.

“We had a good first half, confirms Nancy. Before the goal, we weren’t too bad. We missed our chances because we lacked the finishing touches.”

Explosion of red

The people of Montreal came out of the locker room with energy for the second time. Ki Kamara and Ahmed Hamdi had just replaced Zorhan Basong and Matthew Choener respectively. And we thought the coach’s choices would pay off…until Aquinola did it again.

The Canadian striker took advantage of other defensive flushes from the Montreal brigade in 54e And I took a powerful shot at the entrance to the box. Camacho, lying on the ground after slipping, could only see the damage.

“The goals were great, Aquinola cheered and smiled after the match. They boosted my confidence.”

Montreal responded positively to this second goal, but was unable to breach Quentin Westberg’s goal. Even worse, Toronto scored the third goal (Jiménez, 75 .).e) after scrambling back on the fences. Pantemis miscalculated, Camacho was unable to get the ball out despite an attempted kick from Scorpion, and the ball crossed the line.

“Our defensive transmission was really weak,” said Johnston. And it starts with us, in the back. We were trying really hard to go up the slope, leaving our backs exposed. »

He continued, “We felt like we were in the match until the third goal. It doesn’t matter who you play against, especially on the road, if you’re 3-0 behind, it’s hard to climb. When the third came, we were a little shocked.”

Pantimes ‘doomed to fail’

Even Bob Bradley’s men pushed the insult to take a fourth chance a few moments later. Alejandro Pozuelo threw the ball in front of the goal in the 78th minutee.

I feel bad for our goalkeeper and our fans. We put them in a difficult situation. James finally got his chance at goal, trained hard, and we let him down. […] It was somewhat doomed.

Alistair Johnston

After a grueling series of matches, Nancy chose a major rotation in her squad. Thus, Jojea Kwizera got the first start in attack, Zorhan Bassong fell into the left lane, and Robert Thorkelsson was chosen to complete the defensive corps, in particular. The team also had to deal with the absence of Djorji Mihajlovic and Kemal Miller for several more weeks.

Would Johnston wish his coach had chosen a more consistent roster for this competing game?

He answers: “This group is more than talented and has enough depth to rotate. […] We lacked a bit of that sharpness and that killer instinct that you need in a match between opponents. »

This loss is the fourth in six games for Montreal in all competitions. He can only participate in the 2023 Champions League if he finishes first in his conference in 2022, or if he wins the MLS Cup.

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