La peau créée par les chercheurs ressemble à s'y méprendre à une peau humaine. © sdecoret, Adobe Stock

Terminator movie soon a reality with first ‘living’ robot skin?

Skin that looks like human skin, and is even more alive, is what scientists from the University of Tokyo have created. In a study published in the journal issueAnd the They introduce a robotic finger covered with organic skin, which has water-repellent treatment functions
You can use a water repellent treatment to fight water intrusion that creates moisture and stains. This treatment is applied to the surface of the walls … “data-image =””data- url =” “data-more =” read more “>Waterproof and healing. Progress may seem small, but it brings us remarkably close real people ! “I think live skin is the ultimate solution to making robots look like living things, because they are exactly the same building materials, smart materials, environmentally friendly materials…
A… “data-image =” “data-url =” .com/science/definitions/physics-material-15914/”data-more=”read more”>Material that covers the body of animals
Shuji Takeuchi, the study’s first author said.

Original ingredients for human skin

to get this textureThe researchers used a set of living cells made in the laboratory Based on collagen. Blend inspired by Planting Biological substances used in medicine to treat serious wounds and burns. They first immerse the robotic finger in a mixture of fibroblasts located in the dermis where they produce extracellular matrix components such as… “data-image=” https://cdn.futura-sciences. com/buildsv6/images/midioriginal /6/5/0/650c398bdd_113991_fibroblaste-cellule.jpg “data-url=” “data-more = Read more “>fibrous Human skin and collagen to produce equivalent dermisthen covered everything with the structure of keratinocytes
The cell that makes up the surface layer of the skin (epidermis) and accessories (nails, hair, feathers, scales). Constantly renewing themselves, it takes a month for keratinocytes to go from… jpg “data-url =” “data-more=”read more”>keratinocytes human skin Create a complexion.

Then everything shrinks during a reverse phase change called “melting”. A distinction must be made between solidification and fumigation, which determines the passage of … “data-image =” ” data-url = “” data-more = “read more”>hardeningsurrounds the finger and forms folds similar to those of real leather. “The advantage of our method for covering 3D objects in the equivalent of the skin is the use of tissue shrinkage during culture, which allows identical coverage of 3D objects, especially those with curved and uneven surfaces.” , Write researchers.

To check stability and the body is completely flexible if it completely regains its original shape after the load is removed.
It is partially elastic if the deformation is caused by forces…” data-url =” “data-more =”read more”>flexibility From the leather, the team had several movements to me automated fingerand has more “Assessing the barrier function of synthetic skin equivalents.” in the laboratory With electrical measurements and tests water retention “,” As the researchers write. And it all held up really well! “the finger”air Slightly “moisten” directly from the growing mediumS.Takeuchi, excited. Since the finger is powered by an electric motor, it is also interesting to hear the motor clicks in unison with a finger that looks like a real finger. »

healing properties

In addition to its aesthetic and mechanical properties, the new skin created has propertiesself healing. The researchers applied a collagen bandage after eating them ” injury ” The robotic finger: the bandage gradually dissolves in the skin and thus rebuilds it! “The wound was repaired by the activity of dermal fibroblasts after the collagen layer was applied to the wound site. These results demonstrate the applicability of robots encased in living materials to biological functions and provide a new perspective on robotic materials.”

But this is only the beginning, as the study concluded that developed skin remains weaker than normal skin, and requires that Nutrient supply : For the future, the team plans to add sensory neuronssubordinate follicles hairy nails and apocrine sweat glands
Located all over the body (except the genitals), … “data-image=” jpg “data-url =” “data-more=”read more”>The sweat glands. “We are amazed at the quality of the fabric dermatology Compatible with the surface of the robotsays Takeuchi. But this work is only the first step towards creating robots covered with live skin. »

The problem skin has withstood all the tests! © Mater and Kwai and Paragraph.

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