New yard: Gary Bettman wants to force wolves to stay in Arizona for 30 years (at least)

The issue of the new Arizona Coyotes Arena (not the 5,000 seat area, but the one they want to build in Tempe) was at a turning point last night, with Tempe City Council deciding yesterday whether it would agree to continue Negotiation With wolves around this square.

In the end, it was accepted (5 votes to 2), which means that negotiations will continue. As Eliot Friedman points out, that doesn’t mean there is an agreement, but we will continue to negotiate.

And of course, wolves are happy to hear that.

However, last night, what also caught the eye was the fact that Gary Bateman was (almost) present at this meeting. The NHL Commissioner took the opportunity to confirm that he fully supports the project, but…

In fact, in order for the project to continue, Bettman wants to force the wolves to sign an agreement whereby they pledge not to move for 30 years (at least). Until 2052, therefore.

By the way an agreement on the willingness of wolves to sign.

In return, Bettman would agree to submit a draft entry to the Coyotes as well as the All-Star Game, both of which would take place in the new arena.

There is clearly a reason to ask questions while reading this. After all, wolves have rather frequent financial difficulties and their yard is often far from full. I want to believe Bettman wants to keep wolves in Arizona, but 30 years is a giant for a totally rocky market (politely put).

This is not meant to be an attack on the supporters and members of the organisation, who are doing their best under the circumstances. Yesterday again, players from the team took the floor to help accept the new arena project.

Note, however, that we also heard critics of the project yesterday, particularly regarding noise (including that of aircraft landing near the target site) that may come from the new complex that Coyotes is proposing to build.

In short, even if the project took a good step forward last night, not everything is settled yet. However, if the project were to see the light of day, wolves would remain in Arizona until at least 2050.

I can’t wait to see where it all takes us…

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