Quebec series and movies to watch on the occasion of the National Day

The listening platforms are full of Quebec movies and series to watch. These are some suggestions.

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can you hear me

A project of depicting marginalized people living in a very poor environment could have turned into a cartoon. The approach full of humanity adopted by two creators can you hear me However, he saved them from falling into the trap of misery. Yes, the heroes of the film had a turbulent childhood. But the strength of their friendship pulls them little by little from flawed models that they no longer wish to reproduce. Everything is so beautiful.

Hugo Dumas

Watch on Club illico, Netflix,, as well as on the Télé-Québec app and website.

blue house

After a choppy first season, blue house He really found his way to go. Its delicious sequel, currently airing on ICI Télé after premiering on ICI Extra in the spring of 2021, makes us laugh out loud with every episode. The actors clearly have something to do with it. The fun they take in every line by authors Riccardo Troggi and Daniel Savoy is infectious.

Marc-Andre Lemieux

To watch on and Extra, in the case of the first and third seasons.

I love you like that

The clever writing of François Letourneau, capable of childlike gags as much as dexterity and sensitivity, resembles that of the Coen brothers (FargoAnd the The Big Lebowski), but more entertaining. This brilliant author has a way of talking about love – the main theme of I love you like that By drowning her characters in completely absurd situations. Truly, François Letourneau, with the support of directors Jean-François Rivard and Robin Hubert, makes great, high-quality television.

Hugo Dumas

See on Extra.

The perfect family guide

The film has certain qualities that convey the message and will resonate with many viewers. They will identify themselves, to varying degrees, in one or another of the characters. And they will have different reactions: laughter, discomfort, and possibly anger. Some will draw lessons and ideas from it. The craftsmen will then be able to say: Mission accomplished. We must get to know the duo Morissette (screenplay) / Trogi (director) of the nobility of established filmmaking in the world of Quebec that speaks to and affects us. Movies that smell of age, too.

Andre Duchesne

Watch on Netflix.

drunk birds

Drawing on the remarkable musical score of Philip Brault, director Ivan Grubevich draws from his quartet of actors an outstanding performance. Of particular note are the compositions of Helen Florent, whose choppy playing perfectly harmonizes with the search for a woman unable to flourish, and the compositions of Claude Legault, in the skin of a man slightly immersed in everything that happens in his family life. And about.

Marc André Loser

Watch it on CRIF. Available to rent on iTunes, Club illico, Le Clap, Cinéma Moderne, Cinémas Beaubien, du Parc, du Musée online, Apple TV + and Vimeo. On Super Screen 4 on 1Verse July.

Maria Chapdelin

For 2 hours and 38 minutes – 3 minutes longer than dunes ! Some viewers will undoubtedly find the contemplative experience a bit lengthy, but Sebastien Bellot presents here a work that will go down in history as the definitive and indisputable version of Louis Haimon’s novel in cinema. This fourth version, produced by the director who himself carries this story in his body, is fully justified.

Marc André Loser

Watch it on CRIF. Available for rent on Illico, iTunes, YouTube, Vimeo, mk2 Mile End, Google Play, Apple TV +, Vimeo, and the Cineplex platform. at Super Ecran 2 on June 24 and July 4.

Vinland Club

mainstream movie, period movie, Vinland Club It is a tribute to Quebec teachers. A wink is also given to them in the final credits where, beside the name of each of the main cast, there is a real, religious or secular, inspirational teacher. Sure, this movie was spun with beautiful ideas to the end.

Andre Duchesne

Watch it on CRIF. Available for rent on Illico, Apple TV +, iTunes, and Vimeo. on Super Screen 2 on June 24.

criminal case

Céline Bonnier is dangerously close to a Gemini award thanks to her role as a struggling and dysfunctional mother on the mini-series criminal caseCrave’s new, high-quality detective show. It’s a very good TV, interspersed with nice touches of humor. Already, a second season has been prepared. It won’t be a sequel, because the investigation ends in Episode VIII, but another dormant case (A cold box) is solved by a different team.

Hugo Dumas

Watch it on CRIF.

the brain

it’s very good, brain 2. It’s even better than the first season, which was, let’s remember, very successful. It’s a clever blend of thriller, crime, psychological suspense, and the so-called classic medical series. It’s speckled with David Fincher’s quirky stuff with a splash Flying over the cuckoo’s nest And several puffs of getting lost, which allow the series to breathe and lower his anxiety levels.

Hugo Dumas

See on Extra.

plan B

plan B It is a brilliant, poignant, and sometimes very cruel production that uses a futuristic technical gimmick to tackle complex topics such as teen suicide or femicide. Season 3 is not a true detective show. It’s a psychological drama about a wounded woman (Anne-Élisabeth Bossé) who tries to fix others in order to fix herself.

Hugo Dumas

See on Extra.

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