CF Montreal | New contract “indefinitely” by Olivier Renard

Olivier Renard will indeed stay in Montreal. This is “indefinitely”.

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Jean Francois Teutonio

Jean Francois Teutonio

CF Montreal announced Thursday that it has reached an agreement with its sporting director to extend the contract.

Note: There is no expiration date for this agreement. The previous contract was scheduled to close in December 2022.

This new employment contract gives me the professional stability that I and my family have been looking for. We love Montreal and feel good here.

Olivier Renard, in a press release

Mr. Renard at the same time became the club’s vice-president. He will therefore work within the management team of Gabriel Gervais.

The sporting director will continue to be responsible for recruiting, signing and supervising players and managing the first team pay bill.

“The agreement with Olivier reflects a shared desire to continue the collaboration that began in 2019 and now places it at the heart of the corporate structure we are putting in place,” said owner Joey Saboto.

Statement endorsed by Gabriel Gervais in the press release.

Olivier shares the values ​​of the organization and considers his appointment as part of a long-term perspective while promoting the necessary stability for the organisation’s sporting operations. »

Jervis says he is “very excited” about Renard joining his management team.

youth turns

Under the guidance of the 43-year-old Belgian, CF Montreal made a youthful turn. Since his arrival in 2019, Bleu-et-noir has adopted a “training club” philosophy. Thus, the club prioritized local talent, while placing it alongside a certain balance in terms of arrivals from international players.

The results of this new philosophy are still awaiting the export of said talent. The past three years haven’t been very successful on the field either. The Impact missed the playoffs by four points in 2019. Then they lost their playoff game to participate in 2020. The 2021 season was the most encouraging: had it not been for a disappointing end to the season, it would have been to qualify for the Fall Dance. It was in the pocket.

However, in 2022, success on the field is already beginning to take shape. Montreal is the MLS team with the most Canadian players on its team. It is currently at 3e Eastern arrangement. If we are satisfied with the goal of participating in the qualifiers at the start of the 2022 calendar, we now aim without embarrassment for the first place in the conference.

Portrait of Philip Boivin, LA PRESSE archives

Matko Miljevic from CF Montreal

Ismail Kony, Sonosi Ibrahim, Robert Thorkelson, Matko Meljevich, Gabriel Corbo, Zachary Broult Gillard, Alistair Johnston, Lacey LaPalainen, Djorje Mihilovic, Matthew Schoener, and Mason Twee are all aged. They also regularly get minutes from matches, some more than others.

Other young men, such as Reza Zuhair and Kessian Ferdinand, are knocking on the door.

“Since his arrival, Olivier has contributed greatly to the development of the team,” notes Joey Saboto.

He points to his “vision,” “leadership,” and “taste” as adjectives he uses to “target new talent” and “develop players.”

Prior to his arrival in Montreal, Olivier Renard held the same position with Belgian club KV Mechelen, from 2014 to 2016, and then at Standard de Liège, from 2016 to 2019. Two teams with which he played as a goalkeeper in his football career.

He also wore the colors of Udinese, Modena and SSC Napoli in Italy.

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