November 13 attacks | Salah Abdeslam was sentenced to life imprisonment

(Paris) The Public Prosecutor’s Office for Counter-Terrorism (PNAT) on Friday demanded the planned maximum and irreducible life imprisonment against Salah Abdeslam, the only surviving member of the November 13 commando that caused 130 deaths in Paris and Saint-Germain. – Dennis.

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These are “heavy penalties, very heavy” that the prosecution will demand, as General Counsel Camille Hentier warns from the outset, following a marathon indictment he carried out with his colleagues Nicolas Bracconi and Nicolas Loprais.

Against Salah Abdeslam, the only defendant in the box tried as a co-author of the jihadist attacks that “terrified” and “stunned” France, the public prosecutor is asking for the heaviest sentence stipulated in the penal code, pronounced at just four years. times.

The incompressible life sentence makes the possibility for the convict to obtain a modification of the sentence very slim.

The Palestinian National Council estimates that Salah Abd al-Salam did not “give up” but “tried to blow up his belt” on the evening of November 13, and “the blood of all the victims is stained with blood.”

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The November 13 attacks killed 130 people in Paris and Saint-Denis.

The 32-year-old Frenchman, who was “still convinced that he had not killed anyone” and was “unable to express the slightest remorse”, adopted a “strategy of continually reducing the facts, that is, to say which path he is still on”. He must go,” he justified the prosecution by requesting this extremely rare punishment.


Confronting the “accomplices” of the attacks, and all members of the same jihadist cell in which the commandos were “interchangeable,” the PNC also demanded life imprisonment, and demanded the model of the security period according to the degree of their involvement.

Thus was announced thirty years of security against the Swede Osama Karim and the Tunisian Sofiane Ayari, two “tough fighters” of the Islamic State, who, according to the accusation, was scheduled to carry out an attack at Amsterdam airport on November 13, which turned back Because of an “unexpected event”.

Their silence at the hearing should only be interpreted as “contempt for your court, and especially on the part of two men, in the box, who know much more about the dungeon,” rebuked Camille Hentier.

Anti-terror prosecutors have demanded life imprisonment with security for 22 years against two key men, Mohamed Abrini “the man in the hat” of the Brussels attacks who was also “planned” in Paris but surrendered, and “the logistician”. Muhammad al-Baqali “Central Hall” in the cell.

All of these accused showed themselves “unable to condemn” the attacks, the deadliest in France ever. For them, “Victims, it is sad, but a necessary and collateral evil,” overshadowed the General Counsel.

Faced with “disgruntled activists”, Algerian Adel Haddadi and Pakistani Muhammad Othman, who had left Syria, who were unable to reach Europe in time to participate in the attacks, the Turkish National Assembly demanded a maximum sentence of twenty years. The third security period.

Des peines allant de cinq ans d’emprisonnement à 16 ans de réclusion ont en outre été demandées contre sept autres accusés jugés depuis septembre par la cour d’assises spéciale de Paris, et « impliqués à des » à versé de grés cell.

Life has also been ordered for the five shepherds and logisticians who presumed to have died in Syria and were tried in absentia, including Osama Atar, the “mind” of the attacks.

The Public Prosecution demanded that Ahmed Dahmani, who was detained in Turkey and tried in absentia, be imprisoned for 30 years and two-thirds of the police.

The Office of the National Anti-Terrorist Prosecutor also called for the issuance of bans on the national territory for a period of 10 years or final against all defendants, with the exception of those who hold French citizenship, including Salah Abdeslam.

The Special Assize Court, composed only of professional judges, is not obligated to follow the orders of the prosecution.

“Your judgment will not heal the wounds and will not bring the dead back to life, but it will ensure that justice is here, and the law will have the last word,” Solicitor General Camille Hentier told the court one last time.

The defense will give the floor on Monday and for two weeks. A verdict is expected on June 29.

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