Who will be the quarterback starting in alute?

MONTREAL — Vernon Adams Jr. didn’t reassure the Montreal Aloets fans on his first outing in nearly a year, while coach Khary Jones played a nasty match of hide-and-seek with reporters about a quarterback start Thursday in Calgary.

“It’s up to Khary and the coaches to decide,” Adams replied diplomatically on Friday. No matter what they decide, I will come to work every day and give 100%.

He later said, “Nobody told me I’d start the year, but that’s my impression.” I don’t know how to answer that. All midfielders want to be the start. If you don’t want to, what are you doing here? »

Everyone knows Adams will be behind the position to start the season against the Stampeders – Jones even said Canadian Press Earlier this week, there was no doubt as to who the No. 1 quarterback was – but the coach still wanted to maintain the false suspense.

“I’m not sure who it will be, but I won’t announce it now,” he said after his team’s 27-26 victory in the pre-season game against the Ottawa Redblacks on Friday.

Near the end of his briefing, when reporters asked if the entire coaching staff was on the same page about their quarterbacks, Jones showed a very rare time of impatience when he answered the question.

“Everyone’s on the same wave. We’ll be, because he’ll be our initiator. I know you’d like to make a big fuss because of that, but whoever initiator will be our initiator. You pick a person and line up behind him.”

However, these questions were legitimate. Jones completed only six of his 12 passes, and three of his last four shots ended up in the opponent’s hand.

“I am very critical of myself. We hope to see in the movies the little things that have to be fixed,” Adams said. But at the end of the day, I have to protect the ball better.”

“I’m going to watch the movies and make sure I saw what I saw,” Jones said. I thought he did some really good things, especially in the first series. There were, of course, things not going in the same direction. I don’t think it’s entirely his fault, but it falls on his shoulders because he’s the midfielder. »

Trevor Harris, second, was a regular, too. He started his night by throwing the fourth objection to the hosts. He only completed three out of seven passes.

In fact, Aloit’s top quarterback on Friday was Davis Alexander, who completed nine of 13 passes for 127 yards and coordinated a winning comeback with less than two minutes to play.

Gwanlock and Richards attract attention

It wasn’t all negative about this meeting, like Brock Gwanlock’s play and first pick in the last draft, Terrell Richards.

Gowanlock was particularly proficient, with a quick recovery, three bags and three interventions. However, the 2020 eighth-round pick didn’t want to take credit, but wished it had been noticed.

“It’s a team game. Recovering from the confusion, it was Terrell Richards who did all the work with an amazing tackle in the quarter, signaling the defensive end. I was passing and the ball fell into my hands. In the first sack, the opposing midfielder found himself in the arms of two of my teammates before to run away and cut my way.

“Hopefully I’ve done enough to make room for me. There’s nowhere else in this league and in the world that I want to play in. (…) I don’t have the final say. That will be up to the coaches to decide. But obviously I’m I hope I have taken my place.”

“Tell me about the guy who grabbed the ball. He guessed the math, and it was nice to see, and Jones praised. That’s what we wanted to see.”

“He shook a bit during camp, so we didn’t see him much. At the same time, there are things we don’t want to see during camp, like defensive players occupying our quarters! Defensive line guys are the least unique in camp, because I always tell them to calm down and watch out for the midfield players! . »

As for Richards, it has been widely used in special teams as well as in defense. His ejection against Terry Adams lifted the assembled crowd at Percival-Molson Stadium and caused an escape that Gwanlock recovered.

“What a game! It was windy in the sails of Ottawa and the ball moved well. This game put an end to that. We’ve had a lot of turnovers against us, and it was nice to have one on our side.”

Jones and Aloyt will have to finish their picks by 10 p.m. Saturday.

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