CH’s first choice: Louis Leblanc says the pressure will be enormous no matter who is selected

If there’s anyone who can understand the stress that comes with CH at Bell Center crafting it, it’s Louis Leblanc. His previous selection for the first role of Habs in 2009, which was drafted in Montreal, came under a lot of pressure after being cast. In the end, he was not able to prove himself in the NHL, but the Harvard graduate still lives a very good life.

And with the run-off in Quebec in just over two weeks, LeBlanc was on his way to blue pocket Last night as well as 91.9 Sports this morning to chat about what awaits players who will be recruited by the Habs.

To hear him at La Poche Bleue, his interview begins around 2:15 a.m.

And for 91.9 Sports, it’s available here:

One of the most interesting answers Leblanc gave, in my opinion, is the one he gave when asked if the pressure would be different depending on which player was chosen in the first place by CH. Basically, will Shane Wright be under the same pressure as Juraj Slavkowski?

In this regard, LeBlanc says that in his opinion it will not change much. In both cases, the young man will face very great pressure and will have to be able to be productive, that is, in the short term. He points out that the fact that CH is looking for an influential player means that a player who is drafted into first place must quickly take the NHL cadence.

However, the former CH striker also claims that even if it doesn’t all sound quite like a fairy tale, draft night will definitely be magical for the drafted player. He will live a dream moment, and he will instantly become a superstar in the city overnight.

But even there, not everything is rosy. At this point, Leblanc wanted to give the little one some advice: he would definitely have to keep it concentration And keep your feet on the ground. Interview requests and sponsorship requests would multiply quickly, and since he wouldn’t have much time to prepare before the bootcamp, he would have to find a balance in all of that.

I really invite you to listen to the two interviews with Leblanc, where he also talks about the current state of CH, the state of the organization while he’s there, the pressure that a Quebecer would be if he were drafted into the first round and what he thinks his career would have been if he hadn’t been inducted into Montreal. It’s really very exciting.

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– We could do worse, let’s say.

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