Commission on January 6 | Trump listened to Giuliani’s advice

(New York) Rudolph Giuliani wasn’t at his best in the hours after the November 3, 2020 presidential election.

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What you need to know

  • Enough evidence to convict Donald Trump, says Jan. 6 commission;
  • And Joe Biden warns that “the forces that led to the attack are still operating today.”
  • Donald Trump “lit the torch”;
  • Unpublished photographs recalling the extreme violence of the January 6, 2021 attack and released June 9;
  • Police officer Caroline Edwards testified to the violence that took place that day, during which she suffered a concussion;

VIDEO – Video clip shows Police Officer Caroline Edwards unconscious after being injured during the January 6 attack.

  • Bill Barr a souligné que les allégations de fraude du président défait, impliquant de supposées machines à voter manipulées, étaient « absolument n’importe quoi » ;
  • La fille et ancienne conseillère de M. Trump, Ivanka Trump, a déclaré qu’elle « acceptait » leur rejet des allégations par M. Barr.

« Il était certainement en état d’ivresse », s’est souvenu Jason Miller, ancien conseiller de Donald Trump.

« Le maire Giuliani disait : ‟Nous avons gagné. Ils nous volent. D’où viennent tous ces votes ? Nous devons aller dire que nous avons gagné.” »

Cette nuit-là, à la Maison-Blanche, William Stepien, autre conseiller de Donald Trump, a tenté en vain d’empêcher Giuliani d’encourager son plus célèbre client à crier victoire.


Rudy Giuliani lors d’une conférence de presse organisée à Washington, le 19 novembre 2020.

« Il était bien trop tôt pour faire des appels de ce genre. Les bulletins de vote étaient encore en train d’être comptés », a rappelé celui qui était alors directeur de l’équipe de campagne du 45e président.

Qu’à cela ne tienne : à 2 h 30 du matin, Donald Trump a suivi l’avis de son avocat personnel apparemment ivre plutôt que celui de ses experts politiques. Il s’est ainsi déclaré vainqueur d’une élection que les démocrates tentaient selon lui de voler.

C’était le début du « grand mensonge » qui a mené à l’attaque du 6 janvier 2021 contre le Capitole, point culminant d’un « coup d’État » orchestré par Donald Trump, selon la commission du Congrès chargée d’enquêter sur cet assaut contre la démocratie américaine.

C’était aussi la phase initiale d’une « grande arnaque » qui allait permettre à Donald Trump et à ses alliés de récolter 250 millions de dollars auprès de partisans aveuglés. C’est du moins ce que la commission a affirmé mardi lors de sa deuxième audition publique en juin.

« Nous montrerons […] That the Trump campaign used these false allegations of voter fraud to raise hundreds of millions of dollars from supporters who were told their donations were for a legal fight in court,” California Democratic Representative Zoe Lofgren said as the curtain lifted.

But the Trump campaign didn’t use the money for it. The Big Lie, she added, was also a major fraud, paving the way for the possible indictment of the former president and his allies on fraud fundraising charges.

“far from reality”

But the “big lie” dominated the committee’s second hearing on January 6th. And for about two hours, viewers must have felt like witnessing the film’s political equivalent. Flying over the cuckoo’s nest.

The committee heard numerous testimonies from members of Donald Trump’s entourage, including Steppin, Miller and Jared Kushner, who tried unsuccessfully to distract him from his lies about the presidential election.

“This is not the approach I would have taken if I were you,” Kushner told his stepfather.

But the testimony of former US Attorney General William Barr will undoubtedly be the strongest. The commission provided video excerpts from testimony in which the latter recalls repeatedly telling Donald Trump that his allegations of election fraud were unfounded.

Claims he called “nonsense,” “crazy stuff,” “complete nonsense,” and “crap,” among others.

Before submitting his resignation in December 2020, William Barr wondered if Donald Trump was still in his right mind.

I was a little frustrated, because I was like, dammit, if he really believed any of this, he just lost touch with… he became disconnected from reality.

William Barr, former attorney general of the United States

Not only did Rudolph Giuliani defend the allegations referred to by William Barr, but also Sidney Powell, a lawyer who exposed widespread election fraud involving the technology company Dominion, Venezuela and financier George Soros, among others.

Krist Stewart, former political editor of Fox News, is one of the witnesses who appeared in person before the committee. He cited the circumstances that led the channel to announce Joe Biden the winner in Arizona at 11:20 p.m. on November 3, 2020, causing outrage and terror in the White House.

“Our decision-making office was the best in the field,” he said, adding that Donald Trump had no reason to declare victory in the hours that followed.

Coincidentally or not, Fox News broadcast the public hearing live after skipping last Thursday night’s hearing, which was watched on air by at least 20 million people.

The next public hearing will take place on Wednesday morning. According to Committee Vice Chair Liz Cheney, the plan will focus on Donald Trump’s plan to “corrupt the Department of Justice and his detailed planning with attorney John Eastman to pressure” Vice President Mike Pence and several other local officials to cancel the election.

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