‘We couldn’t foresee it’: Patrice Bergeron stunned Bruce Cassidy’s sacking

Like anyone in the hockey world, Patrice Bergeron was shocked to learn that the Boston Bruins had shown the door to head coach Bruce Cassidy. According to the attacking star, the players bear their share of responsibility.

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Joining on Tuesday in Boston, where he remained until the end of his children’s classes, the captain seemed to have been moved by the news of the previous day.

“It’s definitely a surprise. We can’t anticipate that. In the National League, when you don’t achieve your goals as a team, these are things that can unfortunately happen. As a player, it’s disappointing because you always have a role to play in this. There is a sense of responsibility and this,” he commented. Clear” register.

Elimination is one too many

Cassidy took over from Claude Julien in February 2017. He then led five full seasons, leading his team to the playoffs each year.

The driver led the Bruins to the Stanley Cup Finals in the spring of 2019, but the club hasn’t made it past the second round since then. This spring, Boston lost in the first round to the Carolina Hurricanes in seven games.

” it’s a Business Results and when results are not there, the perceived solution is often that one rather than a change of the whole team. It remains to be back on the players’ shoulders anyway. “We have our big say in the team’s results,” Bergeron said wistfully.

Bruce Cassidy instructs Hambus Lindholm, Charlie McAvoy and Patrice Bergeron, in particular, on May 14, against hurricanes.

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Bruce Cassidy instructs Hambus Lindholm, Charlie McAvoy and Patrice Bergeron, in particular, on May 14, against hurricanes.

false rumor

For a star quarterback who just earned a fifth Silk Cup, this change is his fourth coaching after Mike Sullivan, Dave Lewis and Julian.

“There is always a shock effect. You have professional relationships, but after six years as with Bruce, there is also a more personal relationship that develops,” he said.

In the last hours in Boston, a rumor surfaced that Bergeron, still thinking about his future, agreed to return to service only if Cassidy did not return. Rumor has it that the attacker quickly assassinated.

“It’s absolutely baseless, so I wouldn’t put any energy into it. It’s a waste of time and it’s a really stupid speculation,” he decided without the slightest hesitation.

It has no effect on his future

The one who will turn 37 on June 24 continues to evaluate his options regarding his future, and his contract is about to expire. He maintains that the next coach to take over Cassidy’s duties will have no bearing on his decision as to whether or not he returns to 19.e season.

“I always played the same way, regardless of the coach. I’ve always had the same desire to help the team and do what Fitness Trainer Expect me, even since a small hockey game. It is an honor to play my role the way my coach wants me to play.

“It never occurred to me that Bruce was fired. For me, it’s still the same reflection: I’m 36 and this is the first time in my career that I’m ending a contract without an extension. It’s going too fast to take the time to take a step back.” It makes some ink flow, but it shouldn’t. It doesn’t matter to anyone that I take a few weeks to think about it.”

Congratulations from Bob Jane

Former Canadian Bob Gainey.

File photo, Martin Chevalier

Former Canadian Bob Gainey.

If there was one thing that made Patrice Bergeron happier than winning the fifth Selke Cup of his career, it was the congratulatory message he received from Bob Gainey.

Gainey won this trophy, awarded annually to the best defensive striker, four times, from 1978 to 1981. He was also the first recipient of this individual honor.

Bergeron, who also won the Selke Award in 2012, 2014, 2015, and 2017, shared the mark with the former Canadian captain, with four individual crowns.

By defeating Elias Lindholm of the Calgary Flames and Alexander Barkoff of the Florida Panthers on Sunday, Quebecers became the most capped Selce players in hockey history. Gainey showed the class on Monday by leaving a message to highlight the achievement.

“I have received a letter from Mr. Jenny and it is very special that he has taken the trouble to do so. I have a lot of respect for him and cannot say it enough. It is an honor to receive such a letter from him,” said Bergeron.

beautiful legacy

Born in 1985, a native of L’Ancienne-Lorette, near Quebec, he only saw Gainey’s final years in the NHL and has very few memories of her. However, he is no less aware of his heritage.

“I haven’t had the chance to see him play, but the impact he has had on the generations of players who have followed him is still being felt. The league made him a trophy, so that’s a big deal. He’s been a huge hit in all areas of the hockey world.

“I was too young to realize it when he was playing, but the impact he made was also the person he is and the humility he exudes. He’s made his mark. We’re still talking about him, all these years after his career,” Number 37 said.

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