The best Google Maps tips and tricks that will make you a pro

Google Maps It is a web-based tool as well as a cross-platform application that helps anyone learn about any place in the world. You can check any location, nearby places, distance and more with the help of Google Maps. View from the street It further enriches Google Maps as it allows users to discover a 360-degree view of specific places. If you are not familiar with Google Maps but would like to learn more about this service, these Google Maps tips and tricks will definitely help you get started.

Google Maps tips and tricks

1]Add multiple stations to your route


Suppose you want to go to site A and site B from home. To get a route on Google Maps, you can do two things. First, you can get the direction of the house at location A and then set another direction from location A to location B after arriving at location A. The second option is much better because you don’t have to assign management more than once. You can add multiple stops to your trip from anywhere and calculate the total distance. Previously, this special feature was not available on Google Maps. But, now you can. Just select the direction from one place to another. Then you will get a plus sign that specifies “Add a recipient. Tap on it and set another location.

2]Set preferred route option

Set preferred route option

Let’s say you set a long distance on Google Maps. However, you don’t want to take highways, tolls, or ferries. By default, Google Maps displays the distance in kilometers. However, if you want to set it to tilt, you can do that as well. All these parameters are grouped under Route options. You can check any of the above options to avoid or to prefer. But first you have to decide your destination and get directions. Then you can set them.

3]Send the routing to your phone

Send direction to your phone

Since Google Maps is a cross-platform application, you can sync your routes across multiple devices. This trick will allow you to send a routing from your computer to your mobile phone using the Google Maps app. Many people use the web version of Google Maps to quickly find something. If you are doing the same but want to carry your mobile as a road map, you can simply send the routing from your PC to your mobile.

To do this, sign in to the same Google account on the computer as well as on the mobile phone. Then open Google Maps and select the direction. Then you will see Send directions to your phone option on your screen. Just click on it and select the device. This is it!

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4]Share the guidance with anyone

Share the trend with nobody

Suppose someone comes to your hometown and does not know a particular place. At times like these, you can easily share the trend with your friend. There are no restrictions on sharing, that means you can share on Facebook, Twitter, Email, WhatsApp, etc. To do this, designate a route to move from one place to another. You will then see a Share button on your screen. Just click on it. Now you will get a popup, where the link will appear. Copy this link and send it to anyone. If you want to get a short link (, just check the box and you will get a short URL.

5]Include direction/map in any webpage

Embed direction or map on any webpage

Let’s say you have a business and some people want to visit your place, but they don’t know the location. You can share the trend using the guide mentioned above. But you have to do it with each one individually. If you have a website and want to include routing from a specific location to your business, you can do so on any webpage. To do this, select a direction and open the sharing menu. Here you will see a file Embed map button. Choose a size and copy the Iframe code, then paste it into your HTML page. You can choose preset sizes or select a custom size.

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6]Save the direction on the map to a PDF or print it


Suppose you are going to a place where you will not get any mobile network. It will be very difficult for you to use Google Maps on your mobile phone unless you save it offline. If you are using the web version of Google Maps and want to save a direction as a PDF or want to print it, follow these steps. Select a direction from one place to another. You should get a file to print button on your screen. Click on it and choose Print, including maps. Then enter a note and tap to print button. A popup will appear for you to select the printer or save it as PDF.

8]Google Maps timeline


Google Maps can help you check when and where you are. However, the web version of Google Maps cannot store locations, unlike the mobile version. If you go to a specific location and use Google Maps, that location will be captured in your timeline. You will be able to view it using any device after you sign in to your Google account. To check the schedule, sign in to your Google account, then open Google Maps. Click on the three horizontal lines and select Your calendar. Choose the year, month and date to check the places you’ve visited.

9]Measure the distance

Google Maps tips and tricks

If you are working on a project and want to measure the distance from one place to another, you can specify the direction. But this will not allow you to find the distance in a straight line. However, if you want to measure the distance in a straight line from one place to another, open Google Maps and select a location. Right click on it and choose distance measurement. Then choose the other location and tap on it. You will get the distance directly on your screen.

10]Find hotel deals on Google Maps

Find hotel deals on Google Maps

Besides directions, you can also find hotel deals on Google Maps. Obviously, Google Maps collects data from many online hotel booking portals such as,,, etc., and presents it to you. You will get price, location, rating, category and many more directly on Google Maps.

11]Find ATMs, restaurants, banks, etc. near the place

If you find yourself in an unfamiliar place and you are short of money or hungry, you can use Google Maps to find ATMs, restaurants, banks, hospitals, train stations, and more. Use a keyword like ATMs nearby [location] And you will get a list directly on your Google Maps.

Hope you find these tips helpful!

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Find hotel deals on Google Maps

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