How do you transfer your WhatsApp chats between your iPhone and Android smartphone (and vice versa)?

No, changing your smartphone does not necessarily mean that you will lose all your precious WhatsApp chats. No matter what device you have, there is a solution to transfer your messages quite easily. Be careful, the method varies by case. If you move from an iPhone to a new iPhone, or from a smartphone to a new Android smartphone, the transfer, in principle, will take place automatically. Provided, of course, that you have configured the backup of your conversations to the cloud: iCloud at Apple and Google Drive on Android.

If you abandon one mobile operating system for another, the approach will be different. So, if you are switching from an iPhone to an Android smartphone, WhatsApp for iOS includes a Transfer to Android functionality that will allow you to transfer your conversations to your brand new Android smartphone using a cable.

On the other hand, if you are switching from an Android smartphone to an iPhone, you will need to use Apple’s migration tool, which recently includes an option to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iOS.

Whatever your situation, you can transfer your WhatsApp chats from iOS to Android and vice versa. Here’s how.

How do you transfer your WhatsApp chats between two iPhones or two Android smartphones?

In iOS as in Android, WhatsApp includes a backup option which, when activated, takes care of syncing your conversations to iCloud for iPhone and Google Drive for Android smartphones.

To check if syncing your chats to the cloud is activated on your device, open WhatsApp and go to Settings. Then enter the menu discussionsthen in to supportMake sure that autosave is enabled. If not, enable Backup and select daily / every day It is performed daily.

If you are about to change iPhone or change your Android smartphone, feel free to press the button To maintain To start an instant backup of all your messages.


So when you first set up WhatsApp on your new iPhone or Android smartphone, the app should ask you if you want to restore the backup or not.

How do you transfer your WhatsApp messages from iOS to Android?

If you’ve given up iOS in favor of Android, the WhatsApp iOS app includes everything you need to transfer your conversations. However, you will need to have a Ligthning to USB-C cable to connect your old iPhone to your new Android smartphone. In addition, for the operation to be possible, your Android smartphone must be in the factory configuration, that is, freshly restored, as if out of the box. Also, make sure both devices are fully charged so you don’t have to interrupt data migration to recharge them. If this happens, do not panic, the relay will resume exactly where it was stopped.

1. Disable iPhone Lock

For the procedure to go smoothly, the iPhone must be unlocked constantly. To deactivate the automatic lock, open a file Settings iOS, then in Brightness and displayenter the menu Auto lock and choose Start.

WhatsApp Transfer

2. Go to WhatsApp Settings on iOS

Open WhatsApp on your iPhone and enter a file Settings. Then go to the menu discussions and select the option Transfer chats to Android. In the window that opens, press the button Started And wait for a few moments while your iPhone prepares your chat history to be transferred.

WhatsApp Transfer

3. Connect iPhone to Android Smartphone

Get a Lightning to USB-C cable and connect it on one side to your iPhone, and on the other to your Android smartphone. Please note that for the procedure to work, your smartphone must be freshly restored and running on at least Android 12.

WhatsApp Transfer

4. Start the migration

Turn on your Android smartphone and start configuring it, including connecting it to the Internet. After this step, Android should automatically detect that your old iPhone is connected to your Android smartphone.

Then activate the iPhone screen in the window Trust this computerDetermine yes And validate the connection between the two devices by entering the iPhone unlock code.

WhatsApp Transfer

On your Android smartphone now, the Connected devices window should appear. Click on next one, then complete the setup of your Android smartphone. Preparing to backup your iPhone data should start next. The procedure may take longer or shorter time depending on the amount of data, be patient.

WhatsApp Transfer

Once the data is ready to transfer, select the iOS items you want to recover. For WhatsApp and its chat history, keep the box apps Check and press to copy. On the next page, review the apps whose data you want to backup and make sure The WhatsApp Selected. then press to copy.

WhatsApp Transfer

a QR Code It should then appear on the screen of your Android smartphone. Then unlock your iPhone, launch the camera and scan this QR code. Click on Open in WhatsApp then choose to open For confirmation.

WhatsApp Transfer

Then complete the configuration of your Android smartphone, then wait, while the data is copied from your iPhone to Android, and your Android smartphone finishes installing the apps.

5. Import chat history

Once your Android smartphone is set up and the home page is shown, open the app drawer and launch The WhatsApp. Enter your phone number to link your account, and enter the verification code you received by SMS.

At this point, WhatsApp should detect that your chat history has been migrated from iOS. push the button Started To start importing your chat history. When the import is complete, tap next one And finish setting up your WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp Transfer


Making the transfer from iOS to Android can be very difficult. Especially buggy when we put it into practice between the iPhone 12 and Pixel 4, we had to “kill” WhatsApp on iOS several times to achieve our ends, after it crashed. We even had to reconfigure our WhatsApp account on iOS when the connection fell unexpectedly. Not to mention the battery issues that drained at lightning speed on the Pixel since it was connected to an iPhone that recharged the latter. Our case may be an exception, however, be aware that the transfer may not work on the first try. We had to repeat the process a second time and select only WhatsApp data (too bad for 60GB of photos and videos…) for it to work.

How do you transfer your WhatsApp messages from Android to iOS?

If you are about to switch from Android to iOS, the data on your smartphone can be transferred to your iPhone quite easily. Apple has provided an Android app for this, Migrater versus iOS, which greatly simplifies the task. The Cupertino company also recently partnered with Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, to allow instant messaging users to more easily migrate their chats from Android to iOS. Here again, the procedure requires a few prerequisites: Install Android app Go to iOS of course, but also and first of all, your iPhone is here too in factory configuration, that means it’s never configured, like it’s out of the box . Also, the migration only works, for now, with WhatsApp Beta on Android and iOS 15.5 on iPhone.

1. Set up your iPhone

Turn on your iPhone and start setting up iOS. Choose your language and country, connect it to your Wi-Fi and wait a few moments for it to activate. Proceed with setup, set up Face ID, choose the lock icon, then when the screen appears Applications and data It is displayed, choose Migrate data from Android.

Click finally Complete. An icon should then be displayed. This code must then be entered on the Android smartphone to validate the data transfer.

2. Download Migrate to iOS

If not yet, Download Migrate to iOS App on your Android smartphone. Developed by Apple and offered for free, it allows you to easily transfer all data from your Android smartphone to your iPhone, including your WhatsApp chats.

Download Migrate to iOS for iPhone (free)

3. Open iOS Migrator

release Migrate to iOS On your Android smartphone, press the button Complete then on Acceptance By agreeing to the Terms of Service. then choose Do not send app usage data. Finally, accept all access permissions that the app asks for in order to function properly and migrate your data. Window Find your code Then it is displayed. Click on Complete.

WhatsApp Transfer

Now it’s time to enter the code displayed on the iPhone screen. Then the two devices must communicate with each other. On your Android smartphone, select the items you want to transfer, including The WhatsAppaccept the necessary permissions, and press Complete.

iOS WhatsApp Migration
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After the data transfer from Android to iOS is completed, close the Move to iOS app on Android, and tap Complete Set up iPhone on your iPhone to complete setting up your device.

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