In order to lose weight quickly, Lots of people go on a strict diet. If the effects are quick, it could also be harmful to your health. According to the latest figures from ANSES (National Agency for Food Safety), 80-95% of weight loss diets end in failure in the short or medium term.

In fact, Many diets are too harsh. If they let you lose weight fast, they often will Followed by weight gain when back Unrestricted diet. That’s why nutritionists recommend gradual weight loss.

Losing weight too fast: the health risks

Beyond the dangers The opposite effect of a very strict dietit might be Many annoyances to the body and health :

  • Loss of muscle mass: At the time of weight loss, the body Begins to tap the muscles, before fat treatment. If you don’t keep an extension High protein dietYour muscles may melt and Your character is weak.
  • Feeling tired and losing focus : By losing weight so fast, you are It may run out of power and see your brain activity Also slow down.
  • Promote osteoporosis: Losing weight too quickly can lead to osteoporosis.
  • Increased risk of heart attack “Extreme weight loss is very dangerous. Then the body suffers from a deficiency He no longer had what he needed to operate his organs. The heart is part of it. In the case of extreme thinness, you can suffer from it,” Alexandra Rheton explained to MediSite.
  • body aging Very strict diet Likely to cause a deficiency in vitamins and essential nutrients for your body. This causes the aging of cells, and thus your skin.

Tammy Lakatos Shamis and her sister Lacey Lakatos, nutritionists and authors of The Nutrition Twins’ Veggie Cure, have shared with US media outlets these eating habits in order to: lose weight fast without risk. Medisite offers you These five behaviors to incorporate into your daily life.

Weight loss: 5 best eating habits to lose weight at any age

Consume protein in the morning Helps maintain stable blood sugar and energy levels According to the nutritionist at The Nutrition Twin’s. they recommend for Eat 20 grams for breakfast.

“Protein slows down digestion and Prevent surges and collapses Which leads to Hunger pangs and sugar cravings, They explain, even when you’re consuming enough calories. Most people eat breakfasts rich in carbohydrates Leads to lower energy After a few hours, as a result, they end up eating extra calories for more energy,” they add.

Weight loss: 5 best eating habits to lose weight at any age

play fiber An important role in sustainable weight loss. This is in Lots of healthy foods Like fruits and vegetables.

“When you fill uphigh fiber foods, “It automatically crowds out higher-calorie dishes, which helps with weight loss,” says The Nutrition Twins. In addition, fiber promotes feelings of fullness, and research has shown that it can reduce the calories you consume throughout the day, Which is essential when looking for long-term fat loss.”

Weight loss: 5 best eating habits to lose weight at any age

According to experts, late-night snacks It slows down fat burningWeight gain and sleep disturbances.

“People You usually lose several pounds quickly Experts explain by reducing those calories eaten right before the body (and metabolism) slows down sleep.

Weight loss: 5 best eating habits to lose weight at any age

Eat salad (or vegetable soup) before a meal Reduce calories in this meal‘,” say the members of The Nutrition Twins.

Nutrition experts suggest this when looking at lose weight fast And sustainably, one The best way is to add more nutrient-rich foodsA healthy and low calorie diet for you.

Weight loss: 5 best eating habits to lose weight at any age

Magnesium has strength to calm your body, which helps reduce cortisol (a steroid that treats inflammation). High cortisol levels It makes it difficult to lose weight.

cortisol levels Rise and stay energized with a stressful lifestyleSo relaxing the body with regular consumption of magnesium throughout the day is beneficial To prevent cortisol from thwarting further weight loss effortsExperts say.


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