3 Zodiac Signs Will Be Betrayed In June: Their Dreams May Be Shattered

Betrayal is a wound that is difficult to heal. Whether it is in love or in friendship, infidelity leaves traces in those who experience it. According to the stars, Neptune and Pluto will also share in June. Interacting in full transit, these two planets will reveal unexpected traitors. Find out which zodiac signs would be sad to experience this big disappointment!

The planets also seem to influence fidelity. Lies, deceit, false promises, all these difficult situations to live in cause deep sadness and lasting wounds. Some people find it difficult to recover from it. This is the case for some signs of the zodiac who will be surprised to learn about an unfortunate betrayal in June.

What zodiac signs will be betrayed in June?

Nothing hurts like betrayal. Bitterness and disappointment felt prolonged pain and left traces of life. Having trusted their spouse, friend or colleague, 3 zodiac signs will go through this difficult phase in the middle part of Neptune and Pluto in June.


virgin 1

Virgo – Source: spm

A Virgo native will be stunned to discover the betrayal of a loved one, who lets nothing escape his daily life. And for good reason, the crossing of Neptune and Pluto opens dangerous paths and leads to compromise situations. However, this seemingly inevitable situation, would also reveal to this native of Earth false friends who would let him down during this difficult period. Rather than lending a helping hand to him at this difficult time, they would only gossip behind his back. At work, Mercury retrograde generates rivalries with co-workers. He will then have to beware of some people who envy him and who do not appreciate his success. June will be an opportunity to define your “me” at work and in your personal life to prepare for a better future.



Capricorn – Source: spm

In June, Capricorn’s suspicions will be correct! The hexagrams of Neptune and Pluto confirm his intuition. He will be freed of his doubts and you will eventually have all the answers. Despite the shock of betrayal, this citizen of the zodiac will listen and openly talk about the situation with his partner. If he still cares about his two husbands, then Mercury in Taurus will help him prove his connection. Despite the deep pain he was feeling, he would know how to keep his feet on the ground so as not to aggravate the situation.. A Capricorn native will also be surprised to discover the deep jealousy of a very close person with whom he has shared his friendship for years. Then Jupiter advises him to avoid revealing his intentions and secrets in the future, if he wants to avoid any controversy or greed.


whale recording 1

whale – source: spm

This month will be synonymous with disappointments in Pisces. A friend who told him his old secrets will betray his trust. Then Mercury and Venus in Taurus bring him back to reality by revealing this deception. One thing is for sure, that he was not prepared for such a situation and the position of Neptune and Pluto was not beneficial to him. While it was a true open book, this water sign had never suspected this person’s intention. Then his world will collapse! The intimate information he had shared in the past with this person was used against him. The whale’s habitat, which is nevertheless known to easily escape reality and deceive its world, will feel the devastating effect of this act. Now he will have to put in a lot of effort to forget about this incident and turn the page. This betrayal is undoubtedly a life lesson that will remain engraved in his memory forever!

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