Sonos Ray: The Simple, Practical, and Affordable Sound Blaster for Home Cinema

Sonos brings its renowned expertise in multi-room audio systems into a compact and versatile speaker. Whether it’s a taste of home cinema, making your video games more immersive or listening to your own music, Sonos Ray will take you to a new dimension.

Sonos soundbars are among the benchmarks in their categories, whether it’s the Beam (Gen 2) or the impressive Sonos Arc and its technology. Dolby Atmos. Here comes a new addition to the range, the Sonos Ray, which has been rated as the brand’s best affordable speaker. Available in particular on my Dar at €299, it is aimed at all those who want to enhance their TV, video game and music experience without having to invest in an intrusive and expensive home cinema set.

Compact and discreet design

Not everyone has the space and/or desire to install an imposing soundbar under the TV. The Sonos Ray is designed to be as discreet as possible with its compact dimensions (55.9 x 9.5 x 7.1 cm) and less than 2 kg. We find the simple, refined aesthetic that is the brand’s signature with a choice of black or white. Sonos Ray can be wall-mounted, placed on a piece of furniture, or tucked into a TV stand. Whatever installation you choose, it will find its place indoors and will always perform optimally since its acoustic system is oriented towards the front end to reduce interference with surrounding surfaces.

Clear and powerful sound

Sonos has put all of its expertise into designing this speaker to find the balance capable of delivering the essential intensity of a home cinema system while delivering crystal-clear dialogue. For this purpose, the Sonos Ray is equipped with four speakers, each powered by a digital amplifier. There are two center woofers for the high frequencies and two mid woofers for the mid and bass units. We find the patented system bass reflex Low-speed apertures reduce distortion and boost low frequencies. The Sonos app includes an equalizer that allows you to adjust the bass, treble, and loudness to your liking. The Sonos Ray has enough space to add sound to an average sized room. Perfectly fits TVs up to 55 inches (139 to 140 cm) in size.

Easy to install

The Sonos Ray comes with an optical cable that attaches to the TV. Step-by-step guided setup takes just a few minutes via the Sonos app to robot where iOS. Once you enter the service, you can control Ray with your TV remote control without changing your habits. The top of the speaker includes a touch area for quick control of volume, playback, and track navigation. All remaining settings and distribution of music, radio, podcasts, and other audiobooks pass through the compatible Sonos app as well Apple AirPlay 2 And the Spotify Connect.

scalable system

With Sonos Ray, you’ll have the first building block of a multi-room audio system that you can expand over time. For example, if you want to create a surround kit, you can pair it with the Sonos One (including the SL model), the Sonos Five, the Play: 1, the Play: 3, and the Play: 5 (Gen 2). And if you want to further immerse yourself in your gaming, movie nights and music, Ray is also compatible with the Sonos Sub subwoofer.

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