November 2020 elections | Trump pressures countries under investigation

(Washington) The commission investigating the attack on the Capitol is considering pressure from former President Donald Trump on local elected officials in some key US states to annul the November 2020 election result that held Democratic presidential nominee Joe. Biden.

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Cyril Julian
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Brad Ravensberger, Georgia’s secretary of state, is expected to testify about a phone call with Donald Trump in which the president asked him to “find” nearly 12,000 ballot papers in his name, enough to keep up with Joe Biden in this Republican-controlled southern state. .

And the Republican billionaire repeated accusations of fraud, of which he had never previously provided evidence and which were swept away by the courts, justified his requests by convicting him that the elections were “stolen” from him.

But Brad Ravensburger did not give up. Then he faced threats, like other state election officials, and secured police protection.

Arizona House Speaker Rusty Powers is also expected to testify about pressure from the former president and his attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Jenny Thomas, Republican activist and wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, to overthrow the polling results in this conservative southwestern state.

“We will show the president’s role in trying to persuade states to nominate alternative electors,” Democratic Commissioner Adam Schiff said Sunday, referring to the elected officials tasked with certifying votes.

In the American electoral system, it is these voters who choose the winner of the elections in their states.

According to the commission, Donald Trump wanted to replace these great voters with some of his followers with fake diplomas.


For this plan to work, elected officials in the respective states had to accept the new slate of electors, according to Adam Schiff. “They didn’t and (Donald Trump’s team) they kept pushing anyway,” he added.

For more than a year, the investigative panel — made up of seven Democrats and two Republicans — heard more than 1,000 witnesses, including two of the former president’s sons, to shed light on Donald Trump’s actions before, during and after an event.

It could also summon former Vice President Mike Pence to question him about the numerous pressures that Donald Trump applied to try to prevent him from certifying Joe Biden’s victory in the January 6, 2021 presidential election.

These pressures were the focus of the committee’s third hearing last Thursday.

This vote in Congress, in principle a mere formality, came to a sudden halt when, after the president’s speech, thousands of supporters of Donald Trump stormed the headquarters of American democracy, plunging the country into chaos for several hours.

Sunday Adam explained: “People should take away from these hearings how involved the president was in the lead up to January 6, how we got to a time when a lot of people attacked the Capitol because they honestly thought the election was stolen.” Kinzinger, a Republican for the Committee.

Donald Trump, who has never admitted defeat, attacked the committee again on Tuesday.

On social media, he denounced “political thugs who have criminalized justice on an unprecedented level in our country.”

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