What is the place of Montembelt in the image of CH?

Goalkeeper Samuel Montembault was a special guest on Tuesday at waiting room.

He first looked into rehab after having surgery on his right wrist a month ago.

“It’s OK. In a couple of weeks, I have to go back to see the doctor and then maybe I can take the stent off and start training again. By mid-July I’ll be fine,” he explained.

Montembeault has played 38 games for the Montreal Canadiens this season after playing just 25 games behind a tie in previous years in the NHL. He went 8-18-6 with 3.77 goals-to-average and 891 saves. He describes his season as a “roller coaster” of emotions after injuries, his first Bale center win, setbacks, upheaval in the organizational structure, and a season-ending that ended with a standing ovation from the crowd in a stunning 10-2 victory. .

“It’s the best expression that represents my season and the season for Canadians. It wasn’t always easy this year since I got caught by concessions by the Canadians. I didn’t play a lot of games in the first two months, then Jake Allen’s injury came and I went down to No. 1. On and off the ice there was a lot Out of passion. I gained a lot of experience there. If I have the opportunity to return with the Canadians next year, I will be able to use that learning to be better in front of the network.”

The 25-year-old Quebec could become a restricted free agent on July 1 and his position with the club is uncertain, as well as Carey Price’s future, which will affect the hierarchy within CH. Jake Allen will spend the last year of a two-year agreement. Montembelt enjoyed his first full season in the league even though it was tough collectively.

“I loved it. In my first shirt at Bale I wasn’t even playing but I saw the enormity of it all. There were a lot of negatives but we try not to follow what is being said. Despite the fact that we were 32 years olde And that we ranked the defeats, every night it was raucous and it was impressive. Despite everything, I really enjoyed my year in Montreal and playing at home. »

“I have been able to hit the National League all season and train with the goalkeeper all season. I think he helped me a lot and I gained experience playing several nights in a row. Now I know what to expect if I come back to the top spot.”

Consistency is the aspect that Montembeault wants to improve above all else.

“I put my foot in the door, and now I’m going to stay there. With my injury, I’m starting again a little low. I’m going to have to train harder once I’m ready to come back. I have to be at a better level to keep my place in the National League and not be taken away from me by someone else who wants to.” »

Speaking of Price, Montembolt hasn’t had a chance to beat him much this year, but he maintains his legendary cool. He also revealed that the veteran star intimidated many when he returned to the team after a long absence.

“He’s been dragging the team on his back for so many years. He brings stability. The guys know that when he’s out there they can trust. They can focus on their work knowing he’s going to make saves in the back even if they make mistakes. When he came back, it was impressive for the new players who didn’t They know him after they shot him.”

In addition, Montembeault has supported several of his teammates who stress the impact of new head coach Martin St Louis in the locker room behind the bench and in changing the culture the organization wishes to establish for the future.

“We are starting from scratch. We have nothing to lose,” he said.

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