Partnership between the Global Brain Health Institute and the Alzheimer’s Foundation

A major challenge in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders is to provide adequate resources for bold new ideas to ensure global impact. With this in mind, the Global Institute for Brain Health (GBHI, USA, Ireland) and the Alzheimer’s Foundation (France) are launching 2022 French Fellows for Alzheimer’s Disease in the Atlantic for Equity Brain Health Program To support and strengthen French physicians, researchers and clinicians committed to the fight against Alzheimer’s disease and change.

We are pleased to partner with the Alzheimer’s Foundation to offer this training opportunity to French leaders in the field of brain health said Victor Valcor, MD, PhD, executive director of GBHI. ” These types of partnerships are essential to our mission to reduce the scale and impact of disease around the world. We can achieve more through global partnerships and collaboration.»

The program will provide innovative trainingAnd the Extensive network and long-term support for colleagues. With 12 months immersion at the University of California, San Francisco (USA) or at Trinity College Dublin (Ireland), Fellows will benefit from a multidisciplinary approach – Including epidemiology, statistics, ethics, law, and leadership – with support from world-class experts in brain health and Alzheimer’s disease.

Supporting young doctors, researchers and clinicians is our priority » announced Professor Philip Amwell, Director General of the Alzheimer’s Foundation. To do this, the Foundation has chosen to fund both training and project development: “ However, it is often difficult for French medical researchers and clinicians to train abroad, due to a lack of resources and time. Professor Amwell adds. In order for them to be competitive and innovate in research and care for Alzheimer’s disease in France, the Alzheimer’s Foundation partners with the Global Institute for Brain Health to provide them with new and attractive possibilities.

After their training year, scholarship holders will have to return to France in order to Innovative project development Using newly acquired knowledge. Scholars will continue to have access to professional guidance, financial support, and an international network of fellows.

The Atlantic Fellows for Equity in Brain Health are a wonderful experience and a unique opportunity to work with personalities from different countries and very diverse disciplines, ranging from medicine to the humanities and from music to photography. said Yaohua Chen, a former Atlantik fellow and a neurologist in Lille (France). ” We have a common goal of protecting brain health and reducing the impact of disease through multidisciplinary collaboration.»

Such an immersive training program will open up rewarding opportunities for French medical researchers and clinicians in the field of Alzheimer’s and related diseases.. GBHI and the Alzheimer Foundation are convinced that they will positively impact research and care in France, by promoting collaborative work and facilitating the dissemination of new ideas.

The program allowed me to work with internationally renowned scholars from the University of California, San Francisco, and Trinity College Dublin. said Eleanor Payne, former Atlantic Fellow, neurologist and researcher in Paris (France). ” I have followed personal leadership training, and interacted with other scholarship recipients with very brave, brilliant and original backgrounds. The challenge of this training is to become, along with our commitment to research and care, true ambassadors for change at the local, national and international levels.»

Candidates must be of French nationality, hold a Doctor of Medicine (MD) and University Doctorate (PhD) degree obtained within the last 10 years. They must also hold a permanent position at a French academic institution at the time of application or be in the process of obtaining one within two years, and be proficient in English. To learn more about the partnership and this opportunity, visit this website.

Focus on the Global Institute for Brain Health

The Global Institute for Brain Health is the pioneer of the global community dedicated to protecting the world’s elderly from threats to brain health. GBHI works to reduce the scale and impact of disease in three ways: by training and connecting the next generation of brain health leaders through the Atlantic Fellows for Equity in Brain Health; Collaboration to scale up prevention and response; Knowledge sharing and participation by raising awareness. GBHI’s missions are to improve the brain health of people around the world, reaching out to local communities through its global network. GBHI brings together a diverse range of disciplines, professions, experiences, skills, perspectives and methods to develop new scientific solutions. GBHI focuses on empathetic work with all people, including vulnerable and underserved populations, to improve outcomes and promote dignity for all. GBHI is based at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and Trinity College Dublin (Trinity).

Focus on Alzheimer’s Foundation

>Founded in 2008, the Alzheimer’s Foundation (FA) is a leading French NGO that supports research into Alzheimer’s and related diseases. The main mission of the Football Association is research, innovation and prevention. With the support of its International Scientific Council and Executive Committee made up of renowned and exceptional international experts, the AF team launches multiple actions each year to reduce the impact of Alzheimer’s and related diseases. Over its 12 years, the Foundation has funded more than 110 projects ranging from basic research to the humanities and social sciences. The Foundation is proud to invest 100% of the donations received in research.

To make a real difference in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease, one of FA’s priorities is to support young experts, whether they are researchers or clinicians. The Foundation currently has two specific programs (Young Researchers Scholarship and Joel Menard Prize) and continues to be more committed than ever to helping the best French aspirants in their scientific and medical careers. The partnership with GBHI is the fruit of this commitment.

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