Habitant de Vouillé-les-Marais en Vendée, Bernard Daviet, hémophile, a été contaminé dans les années 1980 lors d'une transfusion sanguine.

Fendi: After 30 years of tainted blood experience, ‘families suffer lifelong trauma’

Contaminated blood: the experience of the year‘, was the headline for Ouest France in its edition dated June 22, 1992. Thirty years have passed since then but Bernard Davitt has forgotten nothing.These families are traumatized for lifeAcute hemophilia A, which leads to “recurrent spontaneous bleeding and abnormal bleeding following minor injuries, surgery or tooth extractions”, explains the French Association of Hemophiliacs, It was polluted in the 80s. “However, not many people with hemophilia succeed‘ says the man, who remains resentful of political and medical leaders, three decades after this super-mediated trial began.

“You ruined our lives and in my head, it wasn’t always clear”

Four officials, how many perpetrators?‘, thus begins the informative article by Bernard Le Solleux, a journalist in West France, which presents the stakes of this trial. Four doctors on the accused’s stand. The beginning of a judicial process that spanned more than a decade during which it began Several ministers and prime minister at the time, Laurent Fabius, will be indicted. “We’ve all had a really bad time during this period.This was stated by Bernard Davitt, former president of the committee of the French Association of Hemophiliacs in Pays de la Loire. It was hard to see politicians not being punished.”

These guys hit us, that’s what I remember 30 years later.

Hemophiliacs such as Bernard Davitt, Four of his brothers died after being infected. “We saw them all leavegrieving Claudie, has been married to Bernard for 46 years. Bernard’s mother saw them all leaving and said to ourselves: Just us, for how long?“During those years, Claudie put others first. To support her husband and protect her daughter. “It was so hard to liveBernard, who has just placed a folder full of press clippings, shoots at the round table in the living room. It ruined our lives and believe me, in my head, it wasn’t always straightforward. When we know that you may declare AIDS tomorrow and that you may die within six months, it is very complicated.

The article published by Ouest France on June 22, 1992 on the first day of the “Trial of the Year”. © Radio France
Florian Cazolla

Witness not to forget

Sitting in the living room of his suite at Vouillé-les-Marais, windows open to create a draft, today Bernard Davitt speaks freely about his experience. But not much, if possible. His HIV status, he has never hidden it. “But to talk about it again gives me goosebumps because it brings up the past of my brothers’ death.” Grief, anger, disease and treatmentSeptuagint does not avoid anything. When he joined the French Association of Hemophiliacs, he was also destined to continue the struggle, telling his story and that of many others in order to pass on this scandal to the younger generations, who are too young to know about this scandal that claimed thousands of victims. .

But the scar is still there. And it doesn’t take much to bring those painful memories to the surface. A television report in which we see one of the political figures at the time make a phone call with specific dates.

I can still see myself in the kitchen and hear a family member say to me: We are all leaving, we are all going to die – Claudie Devitt

“We live with it but it’s tough. We can only blame them.” He shares that sentiment 30 years after this trial began. France spoke of it in these terms: “250 hemophiliacs died of AIDS. More than a thousand injured. Their faces and suffering will haunt the hearings in the 16th Correctional Chamber in Paris that opens today the trial of the year, the trial of HIV-tainted blood. Four defendants respond to this tragedyWhich will lead to convictions, albeit insufficient, regrets Bernard Devitt.

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