Adams worried in victory in the extreme


MONTREAL – The Montreal Alouettes delighted the 11,273 spectators who gathered at Percival-Molson Stadium with a 27-26 victory in their last offensive streak in their last pre-season game, against the Ottawa Redblacks. But that’s not because of Vernon Adams Jr.’s performance.

Jerry Jones may have confirmed earlier this week that he had no doubts about who Alwette’s No. 1 quarterback was, but Adams was not reassured, as he finished his short night in the Montreal attack with three interceptions in the last four shots.

“It started well, we scored a touchdown and then a field goal, but then the tide turned,” Adams said. I know I have to protect the ball better. We’ll watch the movies (Saturday) and see what needs fixing. In the end, my job is to protect the ball, boost attack and score points. »

Vernon Adams Jr. victim of lack of offensive cohesion

Adams was in Alluette’s first six offensive streaks, completing only six of 12 passes for 69 short yards. He scored the Alouettes’ first touchdown by a yard after a promising first streak. However, it was not repeated.

This poor performance from Adams, however, didn’t unduly worry his coach, even if he didn’t want to confirm he would be the starting quarterback next Thursday, in Calgary.

“I don’t think he did anything to change my mind either way,” Jones said. Doing good and bad things. I know there are some not-so-good things that aren’t entirely his fault, but it’s on him, because he’s the midfielder. »

Adams was also not taken out of the game prematurely.

“The game plan was to send him into a little more than a quarterback, which he did,” Jones said.

Then Trevor Harris came along and stayed in the same tone, also intercepting his first pass attempt. This is the fourth consecutive offensive line that ends with an interception of visitors.

“Fortunately, the defense prevented the opponent’s attack from reaching the end zone,” Jones philosophized.

Harris participated only in three lines. Complete three of seven passes for 61 yards. Dominic Davis, who entered the game after the break, wasn’t bad, and didn’t show great things either. He completed his nightly run with five completions in nine attempts for 39 yards.

However, Rogge and Noir did not capitalize on the generosity of Alouette, who continued to lead 17-15 four minutes into the fourth quarter. did not hold up.

Quarterback Terry Adams gave the visitors the lead in the 36-yard run. Gabriel Ballenas came to give the visitors a nine-point lead with less than three minutes to go with a 12-yard field goal to net Ottawa 26-17.

Adams Jr and Harris leave a sour taste

The Canadian League for what it is, Aloyt scored 10 points in their last possession to save themselves with a win.

Dante Brown first made a 38-yard field goal. Then, after a beautiful pass from Davies Alexander 53 to Fabian Guerra, Raith Jean Giroud carried the ball two yards to tie the match. Brown came to score the conversion to win.

“This kid keeps pulling rabbits out of his hat,” Jones said of Alexander. It’s fun to watch. He made great plays at key moments. It is a good thing that these young people are put in such situations. »

Redblacks forward Jose Maltos has completed his five fielding attempts, the longest at 37 yards, twice. David Côté and Matt Mengel shared work with the Alouettes. Côté made his only attempt for 44 yards. Mengele had kicks for 26 and 42 yards, but he missed 51 yards.

Richards draws attention

Listed as a midfield quarterback in the second half, it didn’t take the first pick of last draft pick Terrell Richards long to make his presence felt.

While Ottawa was threatening the Aloitt’s 21 streak, Richards violently tackled quarterback Terry Adams to the ground, causing him to lose the ball. Defensive end Brock Gwanlock snatched the ball like ripe fruit and ran for 44 yards. The streak allowed Mengele to hit his second field goal of the game, making it 16-12 in favor of the homers.

Gowanlock played a solid game, with three sacks, an unnoticeable recovery and three tackles.

“Hopefully, I’ve proven that I have my place in this team,” said Alwette’s selection in the eighth round in 2020.

Adams Jr. tests his shoulder with a chain

Good sweat from Terry Adams, Ottawa driving

Stunning 53 yard gain from Guerra

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