A rare feat achieved by the Astros twice

ARLINGTON, Texas – Portuguese superstar Luis Garcia and loyalist Phil Mattone both made “authentic innings” – nine pitches and three strokes – and Martin Maldonado scored a six-stroke first-half keynote and led the Houston Astros to a 9-2 victory over the Texas Rangers on Wednesday afternoon .

Maldonado hit a good two-round double in the opening inning before slamming Homer. Suddenly, the Astros (39-24), the leaders of the American League’s Western Conference, won their seventh straight series against their Texas rivals.

In six rounds on the hill, Garcia (4-5) fought nine hits without conceding a walk, while Rangers limited it to two- and four-strokes.

Garcia had a five-stroke streak that started with three strokes on nine pitches in the second half. His victims were Nathaniel Lowe, Ezequiel Doran and Brad Miller.

These are the same three hitters who walked to the plate against Mattoon at the start of the seventh inning. Mattoon also left them in the dust with just nine shots.

According to Astros and Rangers officials, this is the first time in Major League history that two clean runs have been held in the same game, whether it’s on the same roster or one by both teams.

After the match, both Astros bowlers find a ball from their original innings in their locker, with markers marking their achievement.

Maldonado, a 35-year-old receiver, found himself at the center of this feat.

“To be a part of this moment, every time you participate in a historic event (…) I am happy to be the recipient of this situation,” Maldonado said, adding that he does not remember Dr. In a pure round, not to mention two.

For his part, coach Dusty Becker, whose 73rd birthday was, expressed his happiness with the performance of his players.

“It’s been a long time since we had our first run like this,” Baker said.

“A couple of records, the same three players alternating three strokes on nine pitches. (…) So it was a good day for us.”

The only club in the American Western League with a positive record, the Astros suffered four defeats in five games after conceding the first game of their series against Rangers.

The Astros continued their 4-3 victory on Tuesday night in a four-stroke impulse in the eighth inning before beginning the final game of the series with another dash.

In that first inning, the Astros sent 11 rackets to the board. The front nine faced Tyson Miller (0-1), who surrendered after allowing Maldonado to double, the ninth in the batting inning, on the right court.

Round Rock’s AAA Miller was called up to the Rangers when the team put Glenn Otto on their COVID-19 absence list hours before Friday’s game against the White Sox of Chicago, with which Otto was supposed to be the start.

Miller made two and three runs on a break on Friday and was sent up the hill on Wednesday when it was Otto’s turn to face the Astros.

Astros hitter Jose Altuve hit a header on Miller’s third court before the match filled the individual bases and walks.

Then Yordan Alvarez had a double hit for two rounds, expanding his streak to 16 games with at least one track left. Kyler Tucker followed up with another director that produced another run.

Maldonado started the fourth inning with his fifth trip of the season to make it 7-2. Yuli Gurriel added Homer from two runs for eighth.

Garcia’s strike streak ended when Cory Seeger hit his 13th home of the season, in the third inning.

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