Pollution: Be careful, these everyday products make you sterile!

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endocrine disruption
Endocrine disorders everywhere! From the walls of our home to our cosmetics and food, they are thought to be responsible for low male fertility.

In 2017, Shanna SwanTeacher environmental medicine and Public Health at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York (USA), and his team revealed in a study that Sperm quality Western men were It’s down 50% in 40 years!

This environmental health specialist revealed The link between chemical contamination and increased infertility. In their report, the researchers questioned endocrine disruption. that they change deeply Reproduction of women and men but also of other species.

what comes A new study confirms From scholars from the United Kingdom and Denmark published on 9 June. This time, the study revealed a List of contaminated products Most harmful to sperm. Known to have Dangerous reaction to hormonesEndocrine disorders everywhere!

these chemical agents It interferes with the hormonal system of any organism. However they Integrated in the manufacture of many products Daily. In women, they disrupts the hormonal system By promoting infertility (in the case of gynecological diseases for example) and in men, by reduce quality Testosterone and sperm levels.

From our bathrooms to our kitchens, through our toilets, everyone is exposed to it chemical pollution. to evaluateThe severity of these pollutants On male fertility, Andreas Kortenkamp and Hanne Frederiksen, lead authors of the study, analyzed urine samples of 100 men between the ages of 18 and 30.

Among the list Serious breakdownsPlastic ranks first: Bisphenol A, S, and F Cans and cansAnd some electrical products, paint and even bottles! In second place: phthalates. It is used to soften and stabilize plastics fragrance. Found in balloons and packaging the games Or even cosmetics!

The latter is also ParabensIt is known to be dangerous to the human body. It is used for Prevent the growth of bacteria in creams and Deodorant. Other causes of endocrine disorders harmful to fertility: polychlorinated dioxins Which we find in our food and finally… Paracetamol!

Chemical pollutants are not Not only factors to impair reproductive capacity. food smokingdrug abuse and even the pressure It can affect fertility. But the study highlights men’s exposure to these chemical agents 20 times At risk of infertility. And for some products, this number Become 100 times higher!

The authors believe that Excessive exposure to endocrine disruptors Explains the decrease in Sperm quality Hence male fertility. ‘Specific efforts to Reduce exposure for this material necessary to mitigate risks“, a report.

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