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Football, on the console. Easy, you say? You will be amazed by the new Nintendo game that was released just two weeks ago. Perfect for rainy days and holidays, but coordination is required in such an artistic game.

When I started playing Mario Strikers: Battle League, in crazy 4v4 soccer games (3 players and 1 goalkeeper). I was amazed at the level of difficulty, even in easy mode.

If there’s ever been a popular summer game, it’s football. The game features every conceivable character from the Mario world, good and bad. They roll at breakneck speed with Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Peach, Toad, Rosalina Yoshi, Donkey Kong or even Wario, Waluigi, and Boom Boom, each with certain traits. And several stadiums in the spirit of Nintendo!

If you think it’s just a soccer game, you will find a series of obstacles in your way such as bombs dropping your teammates, turtle spins hitting the ball, not to mention the normal and beat tackles, and powerful shots. , super hits, obstacles of all kinds and randomly appearing objects to present other powers

Dribbling is the norm, with passes and shots on goal. It sounds simple, but the tricks, détente and enemies abound.


You’ve eaten famous hits in regular games and in tournaments that win coins to upgrade players’ gear for more speed, improved technique, more power to shoot, and more power for opponent knockouts, arms, head, legs and torso. But to improve equipment, you have to win tournaments.

No matter how long I took the 30 minutes to understand how to learn the game and master the techniques in training, I would never be able to qualify for the World Cup. As any athlete will tell you, there is nothing better than the field to see if training is effective…

In my case, I had to redo all the exercises twice. I’ve seen improvements, but they weren’t enough to get past all the first-round Cup Cup rounds.

against other players

Even if there is a mode between friends, up to 8 players, even with teams of humans in Club Strikers mode against people from anywhere else in the world by creating your own team or by choosing your favorite player, I did not dare. I was already hitting the machine so it wasn’t worth trying against more skilled and experienced players. At least not now.

After the first training session, I thought I had mastered most of the techniques. In the first match, I scored the team’s first goal with Mario. Then it was equality. A second goal with Bauer. I was elated… stop there. The opponents scored 4 goals without answering. Bitter defeat.

A second match is closer, but another loss. And many other things. I felt like a Montreal hockey team that was losing by the tens.

Refer to the training section to make better use of the items that give more power and explosive strikes. Another half hour where I had better control of the ball and style of play, while also improving my techniques.

But, as always, I couldn’t do better than draw to lose in overtime. I’ve played dozens of singles matches, without seeing a victory at the end of the tunnel.

It takes more than skill with two thumbs and two index fingers to get the right shots. Above all, you need a good sense of ‘timing’ for big tackles or to successfully tap in time on parts of the scale during excessive kicks on goal.

Enjoy! I keep training to win the next cup!

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