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A former hockey coach convicted in Ontario for sexual offenses committed in Ontario and Quebec has benefited from the suspension of legal proceedings in Quebec. The Quebec court ruled that acts committed in the two provinces had already been punished. The victim, now 60, believes the criminal justice system has abandoned him.

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Henry Owlette Vezina

Henry Owlette Vezina

Judge Dominic Slater had to decide whether Nicholas Cadoret, a British Columbia man who admitted in 2017 to sexual crimes against a boy in Ontario during the 1970s, should appear in Quebec.

The events took place between October 1974 and March 1976, when Cadorette was coaching the men’s hockey team in Vaughan, Ontario. York Police opened an investigation in 2014 after filing a complaint. The victim was sexually assaulted from the age of 12 by Cadorette, who, while escorting the boy home upon his return from the yard, had sexually assaulted him on several occasions. The attacks also allegedly occurred at the coach’s family home in Victoriaville and while he was staying in a private chalet.

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Nicholas Cadoret

It was precisely these attacks in Quebec that the victim said he wanted justice for. Me However, Michel Dusseau, Nicolas Cadoret’s lawyer, defended under Article 607 of the Criminal Code, that his client “has already received a judgment that he has served”. He had been sentenced to less than two years a day in the Ontario community.

Thus, the defense argued that “the whole business is settled in Ontario.” You cannot be punished twice for the same thing. It is clearly the same case,” M.e Dassault. Argument given by the Prosecutor, Mr.e Jean-Philippe Garneau said he could not legally object.

I may not morally agree, […] But legally speaking, my colleague is right about the context.

Me Jean-Philippe Garneau, Crown Advocate

During the hearing, A.e However, Garneau deplored the ambiguity surrounding the facts committed in Quebec, in the Ontario ruling in 2017. The judge, not directly stating that he had convicted Cadorette for his crimes in Quebec, said the judge, not to have jurisdiction in the province. But in the face of the Crown’s admission that there was no evidence to thwart the defense, Judge Dominic Slater ordered a stay of legal proceedings, ruling that the events in Quebec were “implicitly” included in the Ontario ruling. .

The “abandoned” victim

After this ruling, Journalism Speaking with the victim, whom we can only identify by his initials, J.R., the man in his sixties, agreed to return to the “path of recovery” he had taken several years ago.

My operation started 8 years ago, almost 45 years after I was assaulted. I had at that time of my life a Separation complete. I couldn’t work anymore, and my life and family fell apart. I knew then that I had two options: face this trauma of youth, which is biting me from the inside, or simply die,” explains this man.

He believes that the authorities have “abandoned him”. “After the judgment in Ontario, which I obviously considered insufficient, I did exactly what I was told, which was to bring the proceedings to Quebec. At first, I received promises that we would do everything in our power to obtain a conviction.”

Gradually, the man claims that the crown has completely “changed his position”, and instead argues that “a solution must be found”.

I want to be clear: I would never have consented to do all this, if I had not felt that there would be condemnation at the end of the day. I felt abandoned, deceived, and misled. You let me down.

JR, victim of Nicholas Cadoret

Civil law attorneye Elena Dimitrova supports these observations. “Communicating with the crown was very difficult. They did not do what they originally said. This does not happen often: the crown is supposed to help the victim, in her best interest.”e Dimitrova who supported the victim in his efforts in Quebec.

JR is running out of options, and now says he wants to “unearth the truth”. “This man committed suicide when I was 12. I want it to be known. This man must be in prison, which he is not. He must be denounced. And I want us to send a strong message: No child should have to deal with such mental and physical trauma.” .

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