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Health – How to protect yourself from the tiger mosquito that settled in the Puy de Dome

The tiger mosquito colonized France by leaps and bounds, and in 10 years it doubled its presence on its territory. 67 departments are now involved.

Where is it located in the AuRa area?

Present since 2012 in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Aedes albino gradually settled in. We note its presence in ten of the twelve districts in the region. Only those of Allier and Haute-Loire are still of little influence.

In Puy du Dome, it is incorporated into 9 municipalities. Clermont-Ferrand was the first and spread all over: Riom, Jerzat and Pont du Château began to be affected.

Mosquitoes that carry the disease

The tiger mosquito can transmit one of the arboviruses that are dengue, chikungunya and Zika. “We distinguish between imported cases, that is, people who contracted the virus while traveling, and original cases: people who are infected but have not traveled,” explains Jill Bidet, head of the health center. ) to the bouy du dom.

What is the probability that it will be contaminated in Puy-de-Dome?

We recorded one authentic case in 2019 and about a hundred imported cases in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes between 2019 and 2021. Although there is no endemic virus in France, people can therefore contract arbovirosis.

It is enough that she was bitten by a mosquito, which in turn bites a person returning from a trip carrying one of these viruses.

Thus the probability of contamination in the Puys de Dome and in general in mainland France is very low. “But the truth is that the tiger mosquito is cultivated, and people travel…”

What is the problem with his location?

Every year, to reduce their presence and prevent the risk of importing these viruses, ARS puts improved monitoring in the regions.

We must reduce the risk of transmission because this can lead to an increase in cases and thus create favorable conditions for these viruses to become endemic here. Moreover, with global warming, favorable conditions for the settlement of the tiger mosquito on mainland France.

“Prevention is also important because the tiger mosquito is a vector of nuisance: it bites more during the day, unlike common mosquitoes. As a result, we do not think much about protecting ourselves.”

excellent The tiger mosquito has been spotted in Koriz, where it has already been detected in ten municipalities

How do you know him?

Native to Southeast Asia, it is distinguished by its black and white color contrast. Very small (about 5 mm), rather fast and calm, bites mainly outside the house, during the day, with a peak of aggression at dawn and dusk. Her bite is painful. It is an “urban” mosquito that lives near homes and develops in places of artificial breeding where the water is stagnant.

Why not organize with your children a “tiger mosquito” treasure hunt to find these insects and send their photos to the website which will tell you if the specimen is really a tiger mosquito?

How to avoid installing it at home?

You must remove all stagnant water containers, such as flower pot cups, used tires, bulky objects, children’s toys, rainwater catchers, gutters … 150 m. And it only needs small amounts of water to thrive.

Are these viruses dangerous?

“They are potentially dangerous. 90% of dengue fever, for example, is asymptomatic, but in 10% of cases, it can cause fever, headache, joint pain and vomiting … Flu-like symptoms that go away in a few days, but in 5 % of cases, there may be complications for the most fragile people. »

Michel Gardet

Practice. Reducing the extent of the mosquito-growing area also depends on citizens’ reports via the website:

excellent The tiger mosquito installed all over Auvergne in 2021, or just in the Puy de Dom and Cantal?

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